A Duck Hunter’s Supplies

A Duck Hunter’s Supplies

A Duck Hunter’s Supplies Duck hunting is a popular sport enjoyed by outdoors people from around the globe. Ducks are a migratory species, meaning they spend their summers in the northern locations, such as Michigan, North Dakota, and Canada, then when cooler temperatures hit, they begin a long journey south to warmer areas like Texas, Arkansas, Mexico, and South America.

“Many hunters prepare for months for the upcoming duck season and take great enjoyment out of every aspect of their sport.” (“Supplies For Duck Hunting – List of Important Equipment …”) Especially when dealing with firearms, it is important to check all your equipment to be sure it is in great working condition before opening day.

Some basic supplies a duck hunter may have been decoys, duck calls, camouflage clothing, and a shotgun. “Some avid hunters may even spend time and money on a duck boat or bird dogs.” (“Supplies For Duck Hunting – List of Important Equipment …”)

The most common gun for use in duck hunting in the United States and Canada is a semiautomatic shotgun or pump action, although some hunters prefer a break action gun such as an over-under or side-by-side.

Most western countries, such as Canada, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom have banned the use of toxic shot such as lead. “For safety reasons this is good, but the steel replacement poses more of a challenge to the hunter.” (“Supplies For Duck Hunting – List of Important Equipment …”) Steel shot is cheaper, but less effective as it does not have the range that the heavier lead shot did; this means that a hunter must get closer to his target.

One of the most important duck hunting supplies is clothing. Most hunters prefer the use of camouflage as duck’s have phenomenal eyesight but check local regulations as hunter orange may be required. Ducks prefer wetland habitats, so the duck hunter often encounters wet situations while out in the field.

Also, since duck season is done in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter, having appropriate clothing for conditions is essential. (“Supplies For Duck Hunting – List of Important Equipment …”)

Hunting Mastery

A hunter will get years of use out of his waders, a pair of waterproof pants with boots attached. This will allow him to focus on his target and not his steps to avoid puddles; he will also be better able to retrieve his kill if he is not using a dog. “Finding clothing that is lightweight, yet very warm and well insulated will be the most important thing a hunter can do for himself.” (“Supplies For Duck Hunting – List of Important Equipment …”)

The hunter should be able to move well in the clothing, and waterproof wear will always be an asset. All too often a hunter underestimates the freezing conditions and must cut his hunt short due to inappropriate clothing.

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