A Method of Cultivating Rainbow Trout

A Method of Cultivating Rainbow Trout and other Salmonoids

CLAIMS OF THE METHOD. The experiments here described were conducted on Boulder Creek, in the Shasta Mountains, in Shasta County, Cal., in water to which the rainbow trout is native, under most favorable conditions for studying the fish and its habits. The experiments were made independently, with a view to determining a method for propagating trout without stripping the fish and resorting to the process of hatching the eggs artificially.

The claims established by the results of these experiments are:

  1. That the rainbow trout {Salmo iridous, and probably nearly all the genus Salmo) will readily deposit their spawn in runs or races properly arranged; that after spawning the fish may be excluded from the runs or races, to prevent egg eating and cannibalism ; that the water can be regulated under control while the eggs are in process of incubation where naturally deposited by the parent fish; that a high percentage of the eggs will produce hardy fry without other care than the proper regulation of the flow of water in the race and the exclusion of such fish or animals as prey upon the eggs, embryos, or young fish.

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