A New Subspecies of Bat

A New Subspecies of Bat

A New Subspecies of Bat – The first specimens of _Myotis velifer_ from California were taken in 1909 by C. L. Camp at Needles, San Bernardino County (Grinnell, Univ.

California Publ. Zool., 12:266, March 20, 1914), and subsequently this bat was recorded from farther south in the lower Colorado River Valley at the Riverside Mountains, Riverside County (Stager, Jour. Mamm.,

20:226, May 14, 1939). West of the Rocky Mountains the species is known to occur also in at least the southern two-thirds of Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and is recorded from Thistle Valley, Utah, on the basis of two young specimens in alcohol (Miller and Allen, Bull. U.


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