A Short Hoof on Deer Hunting

A Short Hoof on Deer Hunting

A Short Hoof on Deer Hunting Of all the types of hunting there is, deer hunting is one of the most popular.” (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”) Deer are an abundant source throughout the United States.

Because their behavior can vary depending on certain factors such as weather, time of day or even mating season, they are often considered to be quite an appropriate challenge for hunters.

A hunter must know how each factor working alone, together or in a combination will affect the hunt. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

With deer hunting, one can opt for the use of a rifle or bow and arrow. If one is adhering to rules and regulations of the season, hunting can occur on either private or public hunting grounds. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

Deer are known to be nocturnal animals. Because they travel to and from feeding areas moments before sunrise and sunset, hunters are often given thirty minutes before dawn and after dusk to hunt. As with other animals, the moon will also have an effect of the movement of deer.

When deer hunting, the seasoned hunter knows that a successful hunt often relies on planning accordingly. It is necessary to know not only what time the sun will rise and set but the moon cycles and how it will affect the day’s activities. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

“Those who tend to go deer hunting when it is only convenient for them often end up frustrated at their lack of results.” (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

Even those who do not hunt know that deer are super sensitive animals, and their innate sense of danger can have them moving at the tip of a hat. Aside from the need for food, the sound of wind, rain and even falling snow will put deer on the move. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

Despite camouflage and several other tricks, deer still tend to easily catch the scent of nearby hunters during hunting season. When deer hunting, the use of deer stands, a type of platform securely set in a tree, is often a first choice for hunters.

This puts hunters up and over an area giving them a beautiful view of the surrounding location they are hunting. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

Many take to deer hunting during the fall mating season. “It is during this time that deer behavior is most erratic and incautious.” (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”) As many have found, this month-long period is not only extremely active, but also common to see bucks and does out in the very middle of the day. During other times of the year, the middle of the day is a rest period for deer that have been out foraging all night long.

The chance for a successful hunt increases during this time and it is common for hunters to take advantage of it. (“Deer Hunting – The Most Popular Hunting Type in the US”)

Deer Hunting Basics

Deer hunting is without a doubt the most popular hunting practice today. Deer are a very abundant resource and can be found throughout all fifty states. While they do not offer any kind of danger as say, overpopulation of bears, deer do a lot of damage to vegetation, particularly farmers’ crops, and they are considered by many to be a nuisance.

Deer has very heightened senses, so while there are so many around, they are not necessarily an easy target for the hunter. Deer behavior often depends on the weather, the time of day, and the time of year.

A hunter must develop a sense of deer habits, and many, weeks before deer season even starts, will begin their bait piles, and sit in their hunting blinds just to observe the deer coming to their area.

The hunter has the choice to hunt deer with either a gun, or a bow and arrow, and providing the hunter knows the rules and regulations specific to his area, deer hunting can occur on either private or public land.

Deer can be an elusive animal to catch sight of. They are nocturnal, which means they do all their wandering at night, starting to move around just before sunset.

While hunters may not hunt at night, hunting regulations usually allow for this fact about deer and allow hunters to hunt for a fleeting period both before sunrise and after sunset. Deer movement can also depend on the cycle of the moon; those who attempt to hunt only when it is convenient for them will often be disappointed.

Deer are extremely sensitive animals. Any sense of danger and they are off and running at the drop of a hat. Even when no danger is present, such as a sudden shift in the wind, or snow or rain, can set deer moving.

Despite camouflage, deer very often can sense a hunter’s presence, most often by the smallest of movements a hunter may make to readjust, or because the wind is bringing the hunter’s sent directly to the deer.

Many deer hunters use a tree stand when hunting. This is an elevated platform anchored securely in a tree and provides the hunter with a better view of the area around him. Deer hunting is done in the fall mating season when deer behavior is at its most erratic.

During this one time of the year the deer are much more active and will often come out in the middle of the day when they would normally be resting. The hunter, if possible, should use this to his best advantage for a successful hunt.

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