Hiking Sticks

Hiking Sticks

Hiking Sticks These are the sticks which are used for descending towards the steep down slopes. “Several people complain about the benefits of the sticks used for hiking purposes.” (“Searching for hiking sticks”)

But still there are controversies as people who are completely involved in hiking, like mountaineers and hardcore hikers says that only way to get the thrill of the hiking is to move on without one.

Though the debate goes on let us see what a hiking stick is. These are nothing but walking sticks used by people for walking every day or for the usage of trekking down through the descents and ascents in the wild woods.

They take many forms and shapes, so that you will detect the hiking stick looking like the single rounds which are made of wood or pairs of convolute height adjustable sticks which are of much less weight but will be quite expensive. (“The way you use hiking sticks”)

The money is also set out according to the kind of hiking stick that you wish to get. If your hiking stick is just a wood that is found, then it will be having no charge.

Let us see why we need to use hiking sticks. You can see that old people will be carrying poles, walker, or crutches to walk with the help of it. Likewise hiking sticks also help you to climb the hikes, it will be supportive to your moves, and it is designed and developed with additional stability, these sticks will also help to back up by spreading the full weight on the legs onto your limbs.

Though several people say that there is no need to have a hiking stick, those who suffer for the delight in the backwoods due to knee injury or aches they come across the hills by carrying heavy loads which will lay some extra pressure on their weak knees. You will be happy to end up with endearing feet with the help of hiking sticks.

There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to the hiking stick.

Decrease the pain in the knees

Your knees are the most supportive part of the knees and as your body weight falls on the knees, along with the backpack on your back and the backwoods and rough climatic conditions all will bestow the distance of your hike, the influence of gravity which itself become stressful on the joint’s muscles, thus causing pain in the knees.

With the help of hiking stick, you can decrease the pressure developed by the descents and ascents. Hiking sticks are used to reduce the discomfort in the knees that hikers may experience.

  • Increase the strength to climb up

You can use the hiking stick to do some of the work for you as you need not feel heavy on your feet for all the time.4*4 model will be the best one which can be carried .The end result is that you can get up more easily and the load will be evenly distributed around the muscles.

  • Increase the enduring power
  • Help in crossing the soft ground
  • It can help in balancing activities like river crossing, going through the talus etc.


  • Some money must be spent on it to get a good one
  • Will increase the energy spent

Through Hiking your legs are the one which gets affected most, compared to the arms. By using the sticks for hiking you will be decreasing the budget by avoiding treatments for the legs.

  • Due to poor make, it may become not efficient
  • Get in the method of technological sections
  • You will be more attentive

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