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Basketball ProUseful Tips to Avoid Fouls – Unfortunately, today in the arena of various games, there is a need to address the issue of fouls which is becoming more apparent, as the quest to win becomes more desperate.

To keep the integrity of any game intact, there is often the need to redefine these fouls and their accompanying penalties in the hope of maintaining some credibility within the game frame.

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In a basketball game, there are two main categories of fouls which in most instances are quite clear cut and easy to call. The two kinds are personal fouls and the technical fouls.

The personal foul is identified by direct body contact made with the opponent during play, while the technical foul is a violation of the administrative and ethical rules of basketball.

A personal foul is rather simple in its identification and avoidance tactics which basically require the player to avoid any sort of contact such as charging, pushing, holding, tripping or any other form on impediment to the opposing team in a physical form.

The technical foul however is a little more complex in both its identification and its consequences. However, in the interest of avoiding such technical foal predicaments, the individual will have to steer clear of infractions like failing to supply the lineup to the scorers, having more than five players inside the court, overdoing your timeouts and dirty tactics to delay the game.

There is also the need to restrain oneself from cursing at the referees no matter what the call in the game is.

This also includes the restraint of any display of hostility and threatening body stances. Holding the ball for more than two steps from a running position without dribbling will also be called a foul, thus delivering consequences.

Basketball Pro

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