Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade Part 1

Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade Part 1

Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade: Part 1 Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures And Baits (All About Plastics, Spinners, Crank and Others- Topwater and Specialty Lures)

Having the right equipment, knowing how to best use it, when and how, (also how not to use it and what it is not suitable for), can all help you in your bass fishing adventure.

The basics regarding rods, reels, line, hooks, weights, bobbers, sinkers, lures, sensors and other equipment (hats, vests, nets, scents, scissors etc.), gives you an appreciation for having the right tools for the task(s) at hand.

As a highly participatory and engaging sport, Bass fishing is simply almost unparalleled in the vast amount of styles and tools to use. From quiet streams, tranquil lakes to open sea and rushing rivers – there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for quick tips on the right equipment, most suited to your purpose and the techniques to master to catch bass in any conditions, might this next section enlighten and inspire you, as you delve right into the ‘utilities of the fishing trade’. Some tools of the bass fishing trade, we will be focusing on are:

Rods, Reels, Lines and Hooks

Tackle: Lures and Bait – live – artificial and, or, BUT YET…

Limited space does not permit large comparative explanations or ramblings on the merit of some tools above certain others. These debates are well known and well published in existing literature. We take a more practical approach and look at what you will actually need to hook your next big one, besides random chance and luck!

We would like to point out that picking the right equipment means a lot of different things to different people.

Each angler has his/her own interpretation of what that means, varying skill level, physical characteristics and strengths/weaknesses, so we will not profess knowing what is right for you. What we do offer are mere suggestions on which tools will stack the odds in your favor and help you enjoy preparing, rigging, baiting/hooking, retrieving and landing YOUR next BIG ONE! Ensuring that is does not join the droves of ‘the ones that got away’!’

Even as you explore your surroundings and the wonder of fish species and their life cycles, patterns and behavior, experimenting, hands-on with your equipment and what is available to anglers today, is part of the exciting world of Bass fishing.

From fish-finders, temperature gauges, sensors and more advanced technologies, to the art of preparing your lines and hooks, choosing the lures/bait most suited to your circumstance and purpose and more, adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the activity. Preparing yourself with knowledge on these, will boost your confidence and practicing often, will pay off in the long run as your expertise, exposure and angling mastery grows.

When it comes to equipment, the opinions are many and far between. Your condition, circumstance, purpose and goal will all figure into the final choice (oh, yes and do not forget the ever-present budget and affordability)!

Spinning or bait casting with artificial lures, fly-fishing, trolling with live-baits, are all options available to you, with specialist tools on hand to assist you make the most of it. Typically a 5.5 to 7 feet rod (spinning or bait casting), with a matching reel with six to ten pound line, fast taper, single action reel would serve you well. Weed-less hooks are a lifesaver in very dense cover or

Angling techniques and tackle keep refining, developing and almost takes on a life of its own for every angler. There is not really a one-size-fits-all approach. This personalized relationship with your equipment, might mean a basic rod to start with and then adding a couple for your different excursions and expeditions – your Bass journey has just started.

Modern tackle and methods, traditional or innovative, technology-driven and enabled – whatever your fancy or preference – there is something for every taste and budget.

It is an ancient sport, pursued by many, with echoes of early hunters and anglers living off the land. Getting in touch with that timeline through hands-on activity, like bass fishing is very rewarding. Most beginners might be overwhelmed by the selection of equipment available on the market today. Knowing what to pick/buy, how and when to (best)apply, use it correctly,
to maximize your chances of catching your next big one is key.

Good quality tackle is important – it needs to be adequate for whatever nature throws your way. You will need to build your arsenal of knowledge and equipment over time, to respond best to some of the challenges at hand.

Good appropriate baits and lures and how to use them effectively, in combination, in quick succession to ensure bites, are other key components, as is importance of preparing, presenting well, accurate casting, hooking (sharpening the hooks and turning them up slightly for example to ensure that the fish stay on your hook as you reel them in), as well as retrieving and landing of the fish.

An excellent source for beginners on all things tackle-related, equipment, fish species, tools and techniques, is to be found in The Dorling Kindersley Encyclopedia of Fishing: The complete guide to the fish, tackle and techniques of fresh and saltwater angling.

Our intent and purpose here is not to restate the listed facts found here. Avid and serious anglers are readers and thirst knowledge that will increase their odds of success. This source we recommend for young and old! (There are also some other references listed at the end of this text, if you choose to pursue more facts and or crave deeper insights into the art and science of Bass fishing).

All we will say is that having expensive, or the right equipment is not a guarantee that you will land the next big one! In fishing, there are no real guarantees. This is a ‘contract’ and activity between you and nature.

Exploring and getting you to the point where you know the feel, function and embedded strengths and weaknesses of your equipment, is the authentic way to wisdom. For most trial and error, practice and persistence are the roads to
follow to becoming well-versed and experienced anglers.

Realizing the equipment’s full potential will take time and practice. Bear in mind, that sophistication in equipment will develop in parallel to your own mastery and skill-refinement.

Your intended style of fishing (from boat or shore, shallow or deep (or both) will dictate the most appropriate choice for tackle (reel and rod, line – thickness and weight), line, hooks, baits and lures, weights, sinkers, leaders and more.

Whether you are a salt-water fanatic that enjoys shore, beach, boat or big-game fishing or a freshwater guru, preferring lure, bait, pole and or fly fishing, there are rods, reels, lines, hooks, leaders, links, bait, and landing tackle just right for you.

Basic angling techniques are relatively easy to master, yet conquering and refining all the subtleties and intricate moves and maneuvers, exploring the secrets (discovered or yet to be unearthed), of in this case bass fishing (which has so many iterations and settings), will take a lifetime of pleasure and

Practice and enjoy bass fishing, according to your own niche and style, preference and location of choice – in a word – YOUR ‘specialty’. It is a very personalized and individualized pursuit and passion.

Always remember, that there is a wide array of variety and enjoyment on offer, by different kinds of fishing, locations, baits and lures etc., to keep angling interesting and a growing sport – it is contagious and pervasive – once let in, it is hard to let go! You are hooked and being reeled in by this sport and hobby before you know it.

For most anglers, technique (and choice of equipment) is dictated by the species sought, established practice, conditions and more. Mostly artificial lures are suggested and accepted for freshwater predatory fishing. Some prefer live bait; others have success with hard baits like artificial rats and plastic worms are another favorite.


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