Bass Fishing 101: Introduction

Bass Fishing 101: Introduction – Knowing and Going Where the Bass Are

Bass Fishing 101: Introduction Bass defined: A fighter, ever-elusive, choice game-fish, predator by nature and reputation, the one sought-after, prized hook, catch, reel-in and land, of many an aspiring angler.

How to catch Bass AND then catch more, larger bass, more often, in more places, with more consistency, having a pro-active plan and approach, stacking the odds in your favor to succeed, catching more fish and enjoying the process, is what this basic guide is all about.

The hunter becomes the hunted – learn how a small change in your paradigm, thinking and approach can lead to bass-angling success! Start thinking like the watery hunter, become and understand the bass as a hunter. Observe, learn, follow, study and use its natural habit, preferences, patterns, habits, prey and choice of food, in your angling-strategy, and you will have some interesting fish-tales to tell. (None of them tall tales of course, we hope!)… and yes, we may even learn something from the ones that get/got away!

So, without further ado, let us get our rods and reels going…

If you were told that, there is one particular species of fish that most would describe as tough-minded, smart, outwitting and elusively hard to catch, then it the Bass – in all its shapes, sizes, iterations and sub-classes.

It rings true, no matter what the context, body of water, special and or any situation or condition, regardless of secrets, tips, proven science, technique and intent in the world! Bass fishing is challenging and rewarding at the same time. To ensure hours of countless pleasure, follow the pointers (and add some of your own here too!) provided here, for Bass fishing 101 and be ready to hook the next big one… repeatedly, and actually be able to ENJOY it too!

There are various aspects, working in combination in the art and science, sport and pursuit that is Bass Fishing! Strategy and synergy, contribute to eventual, and (we will argue), consistent and repeatable success. Equipment, site, lure and skill, dawn and or dusk, shallow or deep waters, fresh/salt water, from boat or shore – it does not matter! There are secrets and techniques for each of them.

Novices, beginners, seasonal and seasoned anglers alike, are all welcome to flip through these pages to discover some magical, sought-after truths about bass fishing! In the end, it is as much about the process, enjoyment, understanding and appreciation, as it is about the fish!

Become an observant, student of nature itself, the Bass’ habits and patterns, whether using trolling, artificial and or live bait, fly-fishing, on ice, fresh and salt, deep and shallow waters, do so, using all to your advantage, as you undertake your own journey of the Bass!

Bass is by far the most widely distributed fish in North America – sometimes due to the convenience of our mobility and fast-paced society, geared for travel and transportation, Bass is within easy reach (for most within 1 days’ travel at most), Large-mouths, Small-mouths, striped, spotted, black bass etc. all await.

Ever heard of a smart fish that makes calculated, in-the-moment decisions? One whose survival instinct is so strong, that it snatches and at other times totally ignores and hangs around seemingly uninterested, only to strike/bite when least expected!

Well, that would be typical of our finned, scaly (pardon the pun), fish-friend, the ‘Bass’. For the purposes of this book, this species is and takes center-stage –this is deliberate and intentional. Bass fishing is about exactly that of the fish, The Bass. Tenacious, unpredictable and a challenge to most of us.

Various scientists have proven that Bass almost ‘calculate’ the amount of energy it will take them to go after the prey vs. the return. If this be true and verified, what are the implications for us anglers of promise? OUTSMARTING THEM of course!

It is all in the basics, the strategies, battle plan, allure, tease and techniques we choose to use in this process. This will dictate and determine our success.

See Tomorow: The Basics of Bass Fishing – An Overview

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