Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade Part 2

Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade Part 2


Bass Fishing 101: Tools of the Trade Part 2 Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures and Baits (All About Plastics, Spinners, Crank and Others- Topwater and Specialty Lures).

Whether you are fishing from the banks, boat or float tube, most would suggest you use a six to six and a half foot (1.8 -2m) medium, heavy-pushbutton, spinning or bait-casting rod and reel combination, with strong line (10- pound).

If you are fishing in weeds, heavy cover, thick, slop, grassy wetlands, swamps, etc. a heavier line (braided), will serve you better/best. Hook sizes typically recommended around a # 4 live-bait hook, sharpened, and turned up slightly (say around 10%), this is done to ensure that the fish stayed “hooked” and gives you a ‘fighting’ chance to reel it in and land it successfully.

A weed-less, # 5 hook can also serve you well in these conditions. Large-mouth bass can be caught at any depth, using live baits, throughout most of the year (even ice fishing)! Sharp hooks are key.


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