Bass Fishing at Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Bass Fishing at Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is truly a paradise, be it for the extraordinary beaches and great adventure sports, your visit to this place will leave you asking for more. Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is touted as one of the world’s finest vacation destinations.

The location, renowned for its acceptable environment, is situated on a big bay of wonderful white sandy beaches filled with linkers.

Puerto Vallarta is often called the true Mexico complete with paved streets and colonial style, the location has attractive weather that blends well with the place and the very hospitable and friendly people.

Puerto Vallarta is among the finest holiday destinations you can spot worldwide. It brings together a rare ethnic culture with modern resort facilities, reflected in numerous and rousing activities and suitable accommodation. (“Fishing News And Reviews: 07/09”)

Puerto Vallarta’s geographical variety is well represented by its jungles, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and weather is not a barrier to your extraordinary holiday. Puerto Vallarta has beautiful weather that will spice up your holiday. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

The above highlighted points are considered the major contributing factors to Puerto Vallarta growing popularity, attracting hundreds and hundreds of tourists each year.

The fortunate things with Puerto Vallarta are that despite of the growing number of tourists flocking in, the place does not become crowded, because of its location on the Banderas Bay also called the Bay of flags, which among the biggest natural bays in the pacific. (“Fishing News and Reviews: 07/09”)

Banderas’s bay is among the most fabulous destinations for sports fishing in the world. Many anglers from around the world flock into Banderas Bay annually, mostly to discover for themselves if they beat the previous year’s biggest fish to be caught.

Banderas is a bay that is a beautiful place to locate the rooster tail, tuna, Dorado, marlin, mahi-mahi, bass fish, and even the red snapper because it is a 40-Mile-wide Bay, with depth of two miles. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

Many other species of fish can also be found in the area, and this include, the Amberjack, the snook, the jack crevalle, snapper, Grouper, Pargo, the rainbow runner, the Red Snapper, the Rooster fish, Spanish mackerel, Sierra, Triggerfish, and much more. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

One of Mexico’s hottest bass fishing spots is lake Agua Milpa, that was made accessible in the fall of 1997 and covers an area of approximately 70,000 acres, it’s one of the easily accessible of Mexico’s hot spot bass fishing lake, it can be accessed in 3 hours by road, whether you are headed to Guadalajara or to Puerto Vallarta or even by a flight to Tepic, Nayarit which is only 45 minutes ride from the lodge.

The largemouth type bass fish lake was isolated from fishing until the fall of 1997. It is an idyllic marine food base and has an ultimate rising temperature for bass fishing hence makes it as their own haven. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

Lake Agua milpa is equipped with the antagonistic largemouth bass, with an average of about 21/2 to 10 pounds. The highest numbered healthy bass fish so far caught was above 50 fishes for only 4 hours and the biggest fish caught in that time was six pounds.

The finest fishing rig in Mexico include the bass fishing boats and motors. “They are all fitted with brand new or almost new outboards, swivel fish and troll motors.” (“Fishing News and Reviews: 07/09”)

Fishing enthusiasts from the world over converge on lake Agua Milpa to try their chance of catching the biggest creatures that are seldom found. They are to produce a fishing license for either daily or yearly purposes. Tourneys and majority of the fishing sports activities are organized at the Puerto Vallarta Bass Club that is in Lake Agua Milpa. (“Fishing News and Reviews: 07/09”)

The act of catching fish then releasing it back into the water is gaining popularity in Puerto Vallarta and around the world, something that is making anglers concerned about preserving and boosting the sport fish populace. The catch and release practice techniques offer a first-class fishing experience while understanding our obligations to preserve our precious fishing resource for the next generation.

If well-handled and let-loose, fish will continue to reproduce and in the waters to our advantage and fun. When they are not let loose or managed carefully, a time will come when fishing for the future generation will not be apparent anymore. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

It would be a pity for our children who belong to the future generation, to not be able to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the fish that swim in the lakes, oceans, bays, and seas and many other marine forms. It would be a big pity if they cannot enjoy the taste of the fish in these waters. (“Mexico Bass Fishing – Reasons Puerto Vallarta Is a Fisher …”)

You are welcome to visit Puerto Vallarta if you ever dream of having the unforgettable vacation of a lifetime. I urge you to seriously consider Puerto Vallarta as your next vacation destination and believe me, you will love it, because the adventure that this place provides is unforgettable, just imagine getting lost in the vastness and beautiful sceneries of these places. (“Fishing News and Reviews: 07/09”)

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