Big Book of Boys’ Hobbies

Big Book of Boys’ Hobbies


Neely Hall.

The Big Book of Boys’ Hobbies has been prepared to provide a large variety of ideas of interest to boys. Following the trend of the times, a generous section of the book has been devoted to the latest types of model airplanes—indoor and outdoor models, ‘‘flying sticks,” flying models that look like real ships, and scale models.

The subject of model airplanes has had a large following since the first flight by the Wright brothers, but every boy has taken up the hobby since the transatlantic flight of Colonel Lindbergh, it would seem, from the demand for plans and material kits.

As an instance of the demand from one source, the author has personally superintended the cutting of balsa sticks for more than ten thousand models supplied to his readers.

There are plans in this book, also, for galleons, yachts, and other non-sailing models, interest in which is second only to that in model airplanes, and whatever the boy’s other preferences he will find them among
the fifty-one chapters.



  • A Hobby Club
  • A Model-Making Workshop
  • Furnishing Your Room or a Clubroom
  • A Treasure-Chest with a Secret Lock
  • Scrapbooks
  • Model Airplane Tools, Materials, and Tournaments
  • An Indoor Duration Model Airplane
  • A Twin Pusher Model Airplane
  • A Profile-Fuselage Model Airplane
  • A Low-Wing Profile-Fuselage Model Airplane
  • Scale Model Airplane
  • A Galleon Ship Model
  • Installing a Radio
  • A Winter Feeder for Birds
  • Winter Sports Equipment
  • A Model Yacht
  • A Model Motor-Boat
  • A Great Rig in Kites
  • An Air-Motor
  • An Airplane Weather Vane
  • A Museum
  • A Cracker-Box Aquarium
  • A Bird Sanctuary
  • Bird-Baths and a Fish Pool
  • Kennels
  • A Back-Yard Zoo
  • A Poultry House


  • A Sharpie Outboard Motor-Boat
  • A Canvas Canoe
  • Woods and Water Ideas
  • Back-Yard Shacks
  • A Cave with Secret Entrance
  • A Play Periscope
  • The Wabash Limited Push mobile
  • A Dump-Truck Push mobile
  • An Airplane Push mobile
  • Back-Yard Railroading


  • A Toy Electric Beacon
  • A Toy-Electric Shooting Gallery
  • A Model Station for an Electric Railroad
  • A Bean-Blow-Gun
  • The Feeding-Hens Toy
  • An Air Spinner
  • A Dancing Puppet
  • A Puppet Theatre
  • Game Equipment
  • A Quiz Clock
  • A Gymnasium with Home-Made Apparatus
  • Book-Nooks and What Knots
  • A Waste-Basket and a Footstool
  • Earning, Saving and Spending

And Much More!

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Big Book of Boys’ Hobbies

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