Deer Hunting Finding the Perfect Location

Deer hunting is an art. You need to have a perfect place to hunt a deer, a perfect tree stand. Some tips which help you to hunt a deer can really be helpful to find a perfect spot for getting a deer down. (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

Basic Preparation

For hunting a deer, you need to know that where the deer reside. (“BAD NewsBad Hunting”) The preparation for finding a deer location should begin at least three to four weeks in advance. Catching a deer location before that might not really help as they might have changed their routes. (“How To Find The Best Deer Hunting Spot | Game Carriers”)

However, you can keep a few areas where deer can be found in your mind and may be reconsider and re-evaluate those areas while going for hunting. (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

Care should be exercised in making minimal changes to the surroundings and leaving little, or if possible, no signs of you being there. After finding the perfect spot, place your tree stand over there. This is done to get the deer used to seeing that stand at that location. (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

“Choosing multiple sites can be helpful as this might leave little scent behind.” (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

Checking for the food source

“Awareness in terms of the food that deer eat during the season for hunting can be helpful.” (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”) Trees that are producing nuts start dropping the nuts while the hunting season starts. Therefore, once can track the deer footprints by finding out areas where hickory or nuts or acorns are dropped around. Other food items such as mushrooms, farm crops, herbs, apples, grass etc. are also consumed by deer. Trailing these foods can help you find a deer location. (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

Rest Domains

One should also check for the rejuvenating and sleeping areas of deer. They sleep in areas where there are thick bushes. Also find the trails where the deer move for feeding their child. (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”) These areas might be at a distance and off the track. “Larger bucks normally go beyond the normal areas into further deeper brushes.” (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

Their sign might not be seen into some most common trails. These large bucks follow the common trail only while they go up for feed. (“Deer Hunting Help”)

Problems Faced

  • Boring as you must wait for the deer to appear
  • High chances of you dosing off to sleep while waiting for the deer

“• Making unnecessary sounds and noises or movement due to uneasiness” (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)


“• Make yourself comfortable by coming out of the tree stand whenever you feel uneasy” (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

“• Set up heat and motion detectors at the deer trails, using a deer trail monitoring system.” (“Finding the Perfect Location for Deer Hunting –”)

“These can alert you whenever the deer is approaching you.” (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

“Thus, these tips can help you select a perfect location and have a nice hunting season with deer.” (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

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