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Mule Deer are normally found in the Western US Region in unmarried person groups. They are also found in southern western of Saskatchewan and are at time also spotted in Minnesota and Missouri. Mule Deer are very adaptable to most kinds of terrain. Regions providing low water and nutrition content are normally devoid of mule deer. (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)


Mule deer have exceptionally large mule like ears. Their color is reddish-brown in the summer while in winter it turns to grayish brown. They also have white patches in the body in belly, throat, and nose eye and ear areas. Black spots as well can be found on the chin. They have a white tail which ending in black. (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

Special Features

“• Mule like ears give them an ability to listen sharply” (“Hunting Mule Deer –”)

  • Binocular vision. however, cannot detect motionless objects
  • Good runner and swimmers

Living habits

Eating: They are normally gazers and eat green plants, nuts and corn, and herbs. Lifestyle: They foray into deep valleys and bushy fields. However, after feeding and watering themselves, they move to the areas where their beds are. (“Hunting Mule Deer –”) Their beds are normally in the areas located on ridge slopes, rocky areas, bushy areas, or areas with timber work. The selection of their sleeping area or bed areas thus looks to be dependent upon having enough support for their back. They also want to be in little higher regions to keep a watch on the approaching predators. This makes it difficult for us to locate them. (“Hunting Mule Deer –”)

“Tracks: The track of mule deer varies depending upon the landscape.” (“Hunting Mule Deer –”) In softer and woodland areas, their footprint is a little pointed whereas on harder ground the print has a blunt tip.

Main Predators for Mule Deer

  • Mountain Lion and Coyotes in the Nevada region
  • Other predators include black bear, grizzly Bear, wolves, and any human animal (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

Hunting Mule Deer For a bow hunter:

You should try spot and stalk style of hunting; although it is difficult, it is possible. All that you would require is a collection of proper optical glasses, binoculars, and a spotting scope. You should scan the areas like high ridges, pockets in mountains and brushes where mule deer are most likely to be found. Scan the high ridges, brush pockets and rock outcroppings. (“Hunting Mule Deer –”)

After locating a dollar of your interest, you should start working on your plan. Since these mule deer are in higher terrains, you will have to use breaks to install your stalk. The best way is to surprise the animal from upper area. Successful stalk gives good opportunity for hunt. For a running buck wait for it to stop and then try the stalk. (“Deer HuntingBad Hunting”)

To summarize, one should always be patient while hunting.

Best Wishes, Coy

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