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Deer Hunting Texas Part 2


Texas is quite popular with deer hunters because of the large population available for hunting and because of the size of the deer. Whitetail and mule deer can both be found in several locations across the large state of Texas.

Most out-of-state hunters visiting Texas are quite often disappointed with the fact that only a few of them are permitted to hunt in the state. The reason for this is that the residents of Texas are second in America for the number of people that hunt deer in their state. The only workaround for this as far as out of state deer hunters are concerned is to rely on private landowners who often allow them to hunt on their property for a set fee.

There are many parks and wildlife areas in Texas that are frequented for hunting purposes. You need a license to hunt in Texas. If caught hunting without one, you may be fined or even imprisoned for having violated the state laws. Because Texas is a large state the hunting laws are enforced very strictly. Even private landowners offering hunting services to out-of-state hunters need a license allowing them to use their land for such a purpose.

You can hunt in Texas in several diverse ways. You can either go on a solo adventure or you can travel with friends. There are also some good, guided tours that cover the best hunting grounds in Texas. Texas offers the highest probability for a hunter to come back with a trophy. However, you must demonstrate that you have successfully finished the hunter’s safety course before you can participate in Texas deer hunting. A lottery system is used to decide who qualifies to get the deer hunting tag. Most of these tags are only valid for 10 days.

The deer hunting season in Texas is a terribly busy time.

The Texas Department of Wildlife reports that over $1.3 million is spent every year on deer hunting. This includes the cost of deer tags, hunting equipment, accommodation, food, and other shopping. Because of the heavy rush it is best to plan a Texas hunting trip early on to avoid problems late in the season.

Finding accommodation can become quite troublesome later. A lot of the money generated through deer hunting is directed towards wildlife conservation.

The Wildlife Restoration Program is constantly monitoring the number of animals in Texas. Because of the huge population of deer, they are allowed to be hunted instead of being left to die of starvation.

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