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Deer Hunting Whitetail Deer


One of the most common experiences shared among whitetail deer hunters it the mystery of the sudden disappearance of a deer in range. Every hunter has been through it a few times. You are sitting perfectly still in a perfect spot and that perfect trophy buck enters range.

You hold your breath and are about to do the needful when the animal suddenly snaps to attention and in the blink of an eye does a quick about-turn and vanishes. The most common reason for this happening is the hunter’s scent.

What makes whitetail deer hunting challenging is that these deer come with hypersensitivity for danger.

They sense of sight and smell in simply amazing. If you move around even a little bit or there is even the slightest unnatural sound coming from your location, then you can forget about a successful hunt. The same result may be expected if you barge into the woods without factoring in human scent. You may as well be announcing your arrival through a powerful amplifier and flashing lights

Even the tiniest hint of human smell means the deer, regardless of age, sex, or size, is going to go shooting away before you know what is happening. It is desirable to reduce your scent as much as possible regardless of the sort of weapon you are using though it becomes extremely crucial when hunting with a bow or handgun.

Hunting with either of these means that you must remain undetected to get close enough for a proper shot. There are several scent reduction products available today but even with them you cannot completely remove all scent. However, they are still good tools in the hunter’s arsenal because through they may not cause complete scent elimination, they do go a long way in reducing it. You simply need to mix some common sense along with these products to get that extra edge when you are hunting for whitetail deer.

Wind direction plays a key role in staying undetected when hunting. Deer must always be upwind from your position otherwise you will be detected long before you even set eyes on one. You may as well spend the day in the library for the deer you will see if they are to your downwind. If you have troubles keeping them downwind then try to keep them in a crosswind. Good hunters have more than one stand so that they can change their position no matter what the wind direction.

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