Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals – The principal domestic animals reared for economical purposes in the United States, are Horned or neat cattle, the Horse, the Mule, Sheep, and Swine. A few Asses are bred, but for no other object than to keep up the supply of jacks for propagating mules.

We have also goats, rabbits, and the house domestics, the dogand cat; the two formers, only in very limited numbers, but both the latter much beyond our legitimate wants.

There have been a few specimens of the Alpaca imported, and an arrangement is now in progress for the introduction of a flock of several hundred, which, if distributed among intelligent and wealthy agriculturists, as proposed, will test their value for increasing our agricultural resources.

We shall confine ourselves to some general considerations, connected with the first-mentioned and most important of our domestic animals.


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