Bass Fishing 101

Bass Fishing 101

How to Catch the Next Big One

By John Seiko

Learning the Basics

Master and Optimize
YOUR personal tangle
with one of nature’s
most worthy champions and opponents

Play the angler’s game of
condition, circumstance,
knowledge, opportunity and skill

Synergize and Strategize!

to catching Bass, AND THEN more, bigger, more often,
consistently and regardless of conditions, considerations,
and or interplay of other random factors

Plan to succeed… and YOU will.

This ‘how to’ guide will help give you background information,
handy tips and pointers to ponder, consider, try, master and

Table Of Contents

  • Foreword – What Are We Fishing for Again? The Target:
    (‘Bass’) Defined
  • Introduction – Knowing and Going Where the Bass Are
  • The Basics of Bass Fishing – An Overview
  • Tools Of the Trade: Tackle, Boats, Accessories, Lures And
    Baits (All About Plastics, Spinners, Crank and Others- Top Water and Specialty Lures
  • Water, Weather, Timing and Other Environmental Aspect,
    Facets And Considerations for Bass Fishing
  • Techniques For Bass Fishing Like a Pro (Worms, Skipping,
    Ripping, Drift Trolling, Flyrodding)
  • Mistakes And Secrets Related to Bass Fishing
  • Styles And Specialty Bass Fishing
  • Final Thoughts: Summary and Conclusions

Bass Fishing 101What Are We Fishing for Again? The Target: (‘Bass’) Defined

Bass Fishing 101What Are We Fishing for Again? The Target: (‘Bass’) Defined Whatever the reason you had for picking up these pages, to learn
more about fishing, and game fishing, specifically with an all-time
angling favorite embedded in the aptly titled: Bass Fishing, 101: How to Catch the Next Big One, you are sure to find a quenching reprieve. Still your thirst for knowledge and any bass fishing pursuit, challenge, or battle, you will or might face in your lifetime, right here. There is something for everyone in this book!

If your main interest, is improving your ability to catch Bass, increasing, (and maybe) even stacking the odds in your favor of succeeding time and again, every time, in this angling equation and any future expeditions you plan to undertake, then this book has something of value to offer you.

When you are on the hunt for Bass, knowing the basics is like the lifeblood of your strategy, bringing your chances alive with every cast!

ALSO, discover and develop YOUR OWN sportsman-like, angling style and character, while gradually building your appreciation and understanding of the great outdoors, as part of your fishing experience.

We present a practical approach to the intricacies and complexities involved in this popular sport. We hope that this is captured well by the short title: Bass Fishing 101: How to Catch the Next Big One.

Our focus, approach, aims and goals are simple – the basis and premise even simpler: learn the basics, get them right, consistently, with skill and mastery, and they will eventually lead you to catching all the Bass you can possibly want or handle!

We prefer to get right to the topic and elements of our discussion – how to find and catch Bass! Basic yet detailed, the text is written in such a manner, that it can be put to use and work for you right away, without spending hours reading and wading through pages of information, you do not need.

Most published works and accomplished authors (many anglers themselves), depict Bass fishing as the ultimate angling experience and ‘The Bass’ (predator-hunter itself), as tough-minded, unpredictable, with a strong survival instinct, great awareness, sensing/sensors, which make them the keen and effective hunters they are.

These fish benefit from natures’ gifts of powerful sight, hearing, vast speed, maneuverability and even jumping action moves, which will have you catch (pardon the pun), your breath… with awe, excitement and expectation that is! All of this makes it possible for the Bass to live up to its name and reputation, as one of the “extremes” of the gaming fish populations and every angler’s dream catch!

Part of the Percichthyidae family (also sub-classified into the genus Morone – considered a separate unit or branch (white, yellow, striped), they are widely distributed in temperate and tropical waters, sub-species to be found in fresh and saltwater. There are also the Australian bass (Acquaria novemaculeate),
European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).

Their food of choice/feed and natural diet includes small fish, crustaceans, worms and insects – some anglers have also had great success with live-bait, like eels and even frogs.

Then there are the black bass, collectively referred to and including our prized target – called by some to be the most sporting species in North America – the Centrarchidae family. (Largemouth and smallmouth bass, redeye, spotted, striped, black bass, Suwannee, Quadalupee).

Artificial baits have proven useful to most anglers. Live baits are best, but these fish can be tempted, teased and lured to strike with artificial ones such as spinners, spoons, crank-baits, surface plugs and plastic worms – more on this a little later. Knowing which to choose (and WHY), use, switch to in certain conditions, and how to optimize this art of allure, is a key basic element for every aspiring or great angler alike.

These fishes are all active predators, warming to natural baits and artificial lures. Most anglers would suggest spinning or trolling for freshwater fishing for Bass (larger species) and spinning or fly-fishing for the smaller species.
Saltwater enthusiasts might also consider surfcasting, trolling or up tide fishing.

Fishing for and catching Bass, in various waters across the globe, has a proud history and tradition. Most of us are too glad to get dabbling in and form part of it, whether from boat, shore, rocks or rocks, rivers, streams, lakes or oceans. We like to tell our mighty tales and contemplate how to change and modify, adapt and or create new techniques, approaches to hook smallmouth, large mouth, speckled, spotted, striped and black bass.

To each his own. You pick your favorite.

Knowing how to tell a smallmouth from a large-mouth bass, striped from spotted and so on, is a very basic skill most anglers master quickly. Looking specifically at size and physical features are good places to start. Train your eye to ‘spot the differences’, so to speak.

They differ in size, markings and dorsal fins for example. Their upper jaws are different in length and their dorsal fins are not the same. The large-mouth has a spiny dorsal fin, highest in the middle portion, with almost a distinct ‘break’, right before the second set of dorsal fins start. For our friends the small mouth
bass, these fins are flatter, first and second are connected, with distinct scales at the base of the second set of dorsal fins.

Apart from knowing and telling your fish species apart, by sights and or physical characteristics, there are some general advice we can propose right upfront. Experiencing, treading lightly and honoring nature, the great outdoors, abiding by the anglers’ code (catch and release, licensing), environmental protection for generations of anglers (and women) to come, and the like are all vastly important in your angling endeavors.

Second, maintaining an overall alertness, what some call “reading the waters” (understanding the body of water, habitat to the fish, contour, depth, temperature, stratified levels etc.), being generally, as well as specifically ‘observant’, arming yourself with knowledge, skill and understanding of the fish, the species, the environment, and all other relevant factors to your fishing activity and undertakings – paramount for successful process and

Third, (and almost most importantly), remain adaptable, for change is a BIG part of this enjoyable outdoor activity. It is definitely not for the faint of heart or the impatience among us!

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