Football Betting Systems

Football Betting Systems

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Dear Fellow Gambler,

Are you sick of one or more football teams letting you down each week, turning a potential windfall into just another losing betting slip, and yet more money down the drain?

Would you like to stop cursing the final scores as they are announced and experience the satisfaction that goes with a winning bet rather than the deflation of defeat?

Only a small percentage of gamblers actually make any money from betting on football in the long term, usually because the majority of gamblers simply “guess” which team will win matches every week rather than thinking about and selecting teams methodically.

Since you are reading this page, it may be fair to assume you are still in the majority of punters who lose more money than they win betting on football.

But you have the opportunity to end your miserable losing streak and put more money in your pocket – TODAY!

“Like many punters who enjoy a weekend bet on the football and enjoy the odd accumulator, I begrudge having to pander to the bookmaker’s rules and fork out lots of money to cover various bets.

“This is where “Football Betting Systems… comes into it’s own. Some of the systems show you sneaky, yet perfectly legitimate ways, to slash your stake yet still guarantee substantial returns if your bet comes in.

“Not only can these systems make you money, but they can save you a packet as well!”

P.Villis Somerset Uk


Football betting is a science and should not be left to “guess work” or betting with your heart rather than your head, another downfall of many punters.

By reading this page you have the opportunity to eliminate the guess-work and use the same mechanical techniques a small number of professional gamblers use each to week to ensure they extract as much money out of the bookmaker’s as possible – and NOT the other way around!

Football Betting Systems… That Win! will give you access to some of the techniques a select number of “in the know” professional gamblers use each week – and they are now available to you for the first time.

These devastating techniques are some of the most powerful football betting tools available anywhere today.

Just using one or two of these methods will make for a formidable cash winning combination which will put your firmly at public enemy number one with your bookmaker!

One or two systems will give you the edge over the bookies, but the Football Betting Systems… That Win! contains 11 professional football betting systems!

Systems Details

Nil Nil Football Systems
This system has to be used with betfair. You only lose if the game ends in a Nil Nil. I won 16 times out of 17 last season.

Big Profits From Fixed Odds Betting
This system offers an 80% success rate and over any given period you
will make consistent profits! You will learn exactly, and in great detail, exactly how to make over£1000 per week.

The Correct Score Football Betting System
There’s big money to be made from Correct Score Football Betting. The bookmakers know this and are trying counter measures to reduce their liabilities. By betting in doubles, you can get winning bets of 625/1. And in trebles you can get a 1000/1 winner! With this system you will regularly get these high-priced Doubles and Trebles throughout the season.

The Amazing Two Win Singles Football System
Win money for sure! From two football matches, two single win bets, where if you can find just one winner at 1- 3 (yes, 3 to 1 on) or better you will make a profit! Totally legal and accepted in every bookmakers.

The Fixed Odds Insurance Bet Football System
The Insurance Bet. How to make a large multiple bet, covering 6, 7, 8 or more matches, and insure against some incorrect results. A very clever Plan that can get a big payout for a small outlay.

The Multiple Hit Football System
For the same outlay as the Yankee which covers 4 selections, this bet covers 6 selections for the same stake of 11 bets. And that is 15 less than the Canadian which covers only 5 selections in 26 bets! The bookies don’t like it but the bet is quite legitimate. A Brighton punter took one of the big chains for £134,000 with this plan in 1997. It was a horrible shock for them!

The Seven Match Banker Football System
From 7 matches, A Real Banker Bet, based on the Yankee but transformed to stack the odds in the backers’ favor, not the bookmakers! We have had over FIFTY-four figure wins with this bet, which using 30p units’ costs just £23.10 to stake.

The Home Win Banker Football System
To be used only for televised matches. This is a home win single bet. The short prices do not matter. The professional Staking System used is unique, and does not involve doubling up, or cover to win betting. This is totally different and very profitable.

The above gives you some insight into what damage you can do to the bookmakers and shows you eight of the systems available in the guide, but there are also 3 more you can utilize in your betting activity and keep you in profit!

Make this, and every weekend, a profitable one!

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your system for a couple of months now and the results have been exactly as you predicted. I would also like to thank you for your excellent service since I purchased the system. You have answered all of my queries promptly and with patience.

Please let me know if you ever create another system as I will want to be first in the queue”

T.Williams USA


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