Hunting Repeaters of the Series 1400/1500

Hunting Repeaters of the Series 1400/1500

Dear Friends of ANCHUTZ

You have made an excellent choice if you have decided to buy an Anschutz product. The great many results obtained with Anschutz rifles by shooters, participants in the Olympic Games as well as in World and European Championships throughout the world made your choice easy, as your rifle has benefited from the Great Experience of making fine sporting and target rifles since 1856.

World-wide, Anschutz rifles are respected because of their fine accuracy. Impeccable design and immaculate workmanship.

They include:

The famous ANCHUTZ small bore target rifles

Target Air Rifles

Target Air Pistols

Small bore biathlon rifles

Hunting Rifles and Shotguns in diverse calibers

Small bore single loaders and repeaters

Flobert Rifles

Silhouette Pistols, Silhouette rifles and Varmint Rifles.


  • Definitions
  • Preface
  • Safety Instructions
  • General Handling of Rifles and Pistols
  • Ear and Eye Protection
  • Laws
  • Product Related Safety Instructions
  • Liability
  • Technical Data
  • Before first Shooting
  • Cocking, Loading and Safety Operation
  • Unloading
  • Magazine
  • Bolt
  • Trigger
  • Two and single stage triggers
  • Double Set Hunting Trigger
  • Trigger Chart
  • Sight Set
  • Cleaning, Care, Maintenance, Lubrication
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Copyright
  • Warranty Card

25 Pages of Absolutely Awesome Information, Photography, and Specifications Concerning These Fantastic ANCHUTZ Rifles and Pistols.

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