Raising Racoons

Raising Racoons

Prepared in Fur Resources, Division of Wildlife Research


Raising Racoons – A well-drained suburban or farm property with a generous supply of fresh drinking water offers a suitable site on which to raise raccoons.

Plenty of shade and some sunlight are essential to the health of the animals…

They are great climbers, and to furnish them as a means of exercise trees are sometimes permitted to stand in their pens.


Raccoons behave well in captivity and are more easily handled. than most other fur animals. Pens 24 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 6 feet high, similar to those for foxes, are satisfactory for raccoons.

If there are no trees in ‘ the pen, it is best that the sides and top be completely covered with woven-wire netting, 16 gage, l-l/2-inch mesh.

The wire may extend into the ground 6 inches, or an 18-inch wire carpet may be fastened to the side walls and ends to prevent the animals from digging out.

Instead of completely covering the top of the pen, an overhang of galvanized iron 2 feet wide may be constructed around the top.

Trees allowed to remain in the pens should be far enough away from the side walls! to prevent the raccoons from climbing over and escaping.

Dens with removable nest-boxes, such as those recommended for foxes, are well adapted for raccoons. These should be placed outside the pen just as with foxes, for. .pens and dens are more easily cleaned and kept sanitary under this system than if the den is placed inside the pen.

Various types of dens and pens have proved successful.

Important points to keep in mind in constructing dens are the comfort of the animals and the ease with which the dens can be kept [clean by the caretaker.

Pens will remain clean much longer if constructed on ground that is covered with grass.

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Raising Racoons

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