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Elk Hunting Choosing the Right Gun


If you happen to experience the fun associated with hunting an elk or a deer, you must primarily choose the suitable weapon for the task. Some factors that are to be considered while selecting it includes the weapon weight, range of shooting and your comfort level with the weapon.

You must not take this decision in haste. Rather, you must carefully analyze the many rifles that are on display. It is of a paramount importance that the weapon suits you well; it being of a shorter or a longer length can be a source of difficulty.

The length of a rifle can be adjusted by a gunsmith to suit your purpose. Yet another aspect worth consideration is “drop,” which is nothing but the distance between the stock and the cheek of yours.

While aiming, make sure that your eyes can clearly see the target. If this is not okay, then it can hit the cheek of yours on firing.

Weight is also a considerable factor for this purpose as you will be needed to carry the weapon every time. Ideally, the weight of a rifle lies between six to nine pounds. Lighter rifles, contrary to the general perception, are not a better option, though it cannot be denied that being light in weight, carrying them becomes easier.

But as far as accuracy goes, the heavier ones provide better focus any day. Also, they can shoot at long distances, their recoil being much less than those of their lighter counterparts.

Rifles are not permitted in a few spots of hunting. A slug or a shotgun will be helpful in such a case. A shotgun (which is like a rifle) with exclusive sights besides a rifle barrel can be opted for. With this, the range of the shotgun increases.

The 12- and 20-gauge shotguns are used pretty frequently, though the latter is better for hunting purposes. However, if you want to rely on the traditional hunting method using a bow, then the selection of a standard bow becomes important.

A compound bow is preferred over a simple one since they are heavier and incorporate pulleys and cams as well.

The normal weight of bows is thirty-five to forty-five pounds, though they differ between states. You can also opt for the cross bow for hunting purposes, though it is not so frequently used. It is thus clear that a good gun or a bow is important for hunting.

A weapon shop will be able to clarify your further queries if you have any.

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