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Hunting elks is a special activity, mainly because hunters consider elks as an exceptionally good prey. Also, elks are huge animals and have big rituals of mating and calls.

Depending on the season, they may be extremely short tempered or even timid. All those people who are experienced in hunting elks or have heard about them from anyone must be aware of the strange behavior of elks at times.

A bull (a male elk) can weigh around 700-800 pounds. But still, elks are the seasoned hunters’ favorite because it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to get near those unpredictable animals, and one needs a lot of skill to hunt them down.

There are many aspects regarding great hunting of elks.

Timing is one essential element. The mating season, which is the fall, is the best for elk-hunting. An experienced hunter is also aware of the time when there is a lot of activity of elks and the time when they are static.

They are also aware of the effect the temperature can have on elks. For beginners, it is necessary that you have a learned guide who will help you out in various aspects. As the elks can be traced in wide areas, the guide can assure you of where the animal will be found, besides giving you valuable suggestions for hunting those elks.

Bugling is a wonderful element of hunting the elks. A male elk or a bull uses the bugling to meet females during the season meant for mating, and by this, he also imposes a challenge on other fellow bulls. Using bugling sounds can be a great tip but using it excessively or in a subdued manner can alert the elks.

The hunter therefore must possess enough experience to realize as to where to draw the line. All the markets come with a distinctive feature about how to use the bugling sounds accurately and to perfection.

Apart from bugling, there are instruments that mimic the tunes of the cows (the female elks) as well. To attract a bull, this is used by many hunters. When the hunters find that the bull has come within a proximity of him, he can prepare a good shot and hunt the bull down.

Even in this case, proper use is the key. Using excessive or extraordinarily little of the sound can make the elk cautious, and you may not get your hunt. Also, make sure that you are using the mimic instrument of an excellent quality, else it will fail for sure.

Elks are incredibly famous for being cautious about impending danger and being on their guard, so it is recommended that the sound must be very realistic so as to misguide the elk.

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