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Elk Hunting with A Bow


Elk are big animals in size. Many hunters do not believe the truth about the size of Elk until they see it. (“Elk Hunting With A BowBad Hunting”)

You must be particularly good shooter for doing well at archery elk hunt. “The things which one need to know about elk is habits of elk, its dwelling place, its place of feeding, its eating and drinking habits etc. The foremost thing, which one needs to do for archery elk hunting, is to gain complete understanding about the animal.” (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

You need to establish your camp at a place where there is availability of source of fresh water. The animal will surely pay visit to its place of fresh drinking water eventually in case you keep on waiting for the animal at that place. The animals will also pay a visit to nearest area where large numbers of trees are available near their dwelling place. (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

Elk eat on grass and some kinds of berries. The types of berries include strawberries, blackberries, and snowberries. Your first step for hunting elk should be to search for sources of food. The elk will come to place of availability of their food (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

You can establish a set up on the earth or on a tree. You must spend a lot of time on this set up for verifying that this set up is comfortable and everything which you require is available on it. You should try to establish many set ups and keep on changing your place. The smells of human beings remain at a place for many days and elk will not prefer to visit such places. (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

You also require a bow that is packed with a substantial punch. The arrows, which you use for shooting, should be large enough to make an uncontaminated kill. “You need a great practice for developing skill of making good shots.” (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

You should wear same device during practice session for shooting, which you are going to wear during hunting of elk. There is significant difference between shooting a bow in a simple t shirt and shooting a bow while you are wrapped in heavy coats and disguise. The difference between this is same as difference between a successful shot and an unsuccessful shot (“Elk Hunting With A Bow –”)

“Some hunters use a method of cow call or the method of bugling while archery elk hunting as these methods work more efficiently while hunting.” (“ElkBad Hunting”) These methods are exceptionally good when the animals are in heat and groove.

Many hunters prefer the use of cow call method. Archery elk hunting is an extraordinarily complex task. Elks are excessively big animals, and you should have a good a particularly good shot. “You should learn the important part of archery elk hunting.” (“ElkBad Hunting”)

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