Fall Trout Fishing

Fall Trout Fishing

Fall Trout Fishing After the hot summers, the time is for autumn. Autumn, or falls as it is called, is not only about the trees. Autumn brings cooler water temperatures and increased feeding activity. It is the best time for fall trout fishing.

Fall is normally every one’s favorite time for going fishing. The reason for this is the low concentration and crowd found during this season in the rivers, ponds, and streams. Trout start stocking up in various parts of the country and world before the winters can make their way in.

Fishing during the fall can not only help you catch a lot of trout, but also many large trout as well. Catching trout can cause some problem in winters for the Western US region. This is because these regions have extremely chilly weather then, especially during the rivers and streams. This is the reason fall fishing can be a lucrative option.

The trout fishes also remain active during the fall and their metabolism dries down only as winter approaches.


The most common technique used is the use of live worms which are rigged on a hook attached to a stick.

This stick used, is nothing but a collection of gang hooks, which are tied together and then attached to a line with the help of a small wheel (swivel).

Using a Gang Hook Stick:

  • Take a line stick. Tie the end of your stick to a small wheel or barrel swivel
  • After tying the swivel, also tie a set of ganged hooks towards the other opposite side of the swivel.
  • Add some split shot sinkers on the top of the barrel swivel depending upon the current flow that you have. this is done to add weight
  • Add live worms to set of ganged hooks fixed along the swive
  • Put the gang hook rig into current
  • Close the bail, allow the current to pass through the line and swivel

This will help the rig to bounce from the bottom. Its flow with the current should be natural until and unless the rig is directly below in the current. Once you get accustomed to use of this hook rig, you can easily find out the difference between what a bottom is and what a bite is. Your efficiency in catching fish trout will increase.

Carrying worms:

Using the bait bags to carry the worms till the fishing point can be extremely helpful. It helps one to save the average time and the angler in carrying worms.

Thus, catching trout fish can be a pleasure-loving activity with the above-mentioned techniques.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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