Fishponds On Farms

Fishponds On Farms: Spawning Season

Fishponds On Farms: Spawning Season Black bass will nest in the spring when the water temperature rises above 60° F. Ordinarily 63° F. will bring about deposits of eggs, but if the season is a backward one, the fish may spawn at 58° F.

On the other hand, an unusually advanced season may not bring results until the temperature exceeds 65° or 68° F.

Suitable temperatures for spawning prevail in the more southerly States as early as February; in the latitude of Tennessee, in March; in southern Illinois, during April; in Iowa, during May; and in northern Minnesota, in June.

The spawning season extends over two or more weeks and is usually marked by two periods of intense activity, following a rise in temperature after several days of abnormally cool weather.

In the Southern States the nesting season is not so sharply defined, owing to the continuously favorable temperatures throughout the year, which causes rapid development of the ova. At the Texas station of the Bureau of Fisheries there regularly occurs a hatching period in February, one in April, and scattering hatches throughout the summer.

The crappies, sunfishes, rock bass, and catfishes will spawn from one to two months later than the black bass m the same waters, and the sunfishes and rock bass will continue nesting to some extent until the approach of cool weather in the fall.

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