Fly Fishing for Trout – The Next Level

Fly Fishing for Trout – The Next Level

 Fly Fishing for Trout – The Next Level – “How can I take my fly fishing to the next level?” That’s a question I’m often asked, and it’s a question I hope to answer in this book. Why do we want to take our fly fishing to the next level?

Some of us will be, but for most of us the appeal of fly fishing is that we are constantly learning. We will never know half of what’s involved; most of us will never even know one-quarter of it.

But we enjoy, even thrive on, making discoveries and connections and solving puzzles— and the natural world introduces a dizzying array of variables. Our minds are in constant search of novelty and answers—it’s hard-wired into us.

Being able to satisfy our intellectual urges while being immersed in the natural world is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Still, to be somewhat comfortable in the middle of a cacophony of moving water and having some idea where to begin your search for a trout are prerequisites for really having fun.


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