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Heeding the Call of Elk Hunting


Elk are one of the largest of quarries for a hunter, making elk hunting a special type of activity. (“Heeding the Call of Elk Hunting”) These large animals also have larger than life calls and mating rituals. They can be blatantly aggressive or timid. Those who participate in hunting elk on a regular basis are likely to have quite a story or two of coming in close contact with these majestic creatures. A male elk, or bull, can reach seven to eight hundred pounds easily. Regardless of size, many hunters enjoy the challenge of hunting elk because they are extremely cunning, and it takes great skill to get close to them. (“Elk Hunting In San Luis Colorado Information | elk hunting …”)

Successful elk hunting relies on several elements. One of those elements is timing. (“Heeding the Call of Elk Hunting”) Many elk hunters plan their hunt in the fall during mating season. The seasoned hunter also understands what time of the day elk are most active and when they are not. They also know how temperatures can affect a hunt. Those who are just beginning their interest in elk hunting would do well to hire a guide their first few times out. Elk can be found in a range of areas. Not only will a guide know the area well, he or she will be able to better ensure a successful hunt with valuable tips and advice. (“Elk Hunting In San Luis Colorado Information | elk hunting …”)

Another element of successful elk hunting is called bugling. Bugling is something the male elk does during mating season to locate females and challenge other males. Hunters who bugle for males find it is the one delicate aspect of a hunt that can have disastrous effects when used either too much or too little. The effective use of this kin

d of call requires the hunter to have enough experience to know where the boundaries of using such an instrument are. Most calls on the market often come with manuals or recordings that demonstrate how to use the instrument properly and effectively. (“Ouray Colorado Elk Hunting Information | elk hunting Guide”)

There are also calls that mimic female elk, or cows. Many hunters also use these instruments during elk hunting to lure a bull closer. Upon getting the bull into an advantageous spot, one can move in for the final shot. However, as with the male elk call, vocalizing too much or too little can cause elk to stop calling or move out of an area altogether. When using such an instrument, many hunters find the better the quality, the better the results. (“Heeding the Call of Elk Hunting”) “Elk are well known for their ability to instantly discern danger in an area; therefore, it is necessary to sound as realistic as possible.” (“Elk Hunting In San Luis Colorado Information | elk hunting …”)

The Art of Bugling

Elk hunting has long been considered an extremely challenging hunt. Elk are extremely sensitive animals and are weary of anything new or unnatural to their area; for this reason, it takes a lot of skill for a hunter to track and get close enough to shoot. Another reason elk hunting is considered such a challenge is because they are known for being very unpredictable. Sometimes they are timid, and other times they can be overly aggressive. It is important for a hunter to take great caution as a bull elk can easily reach eight hundred pounds.

It just so happens that the time of year most elk hunters prefer to hunt is in the fall mating season, when an elk is most active, and most unpredictable. This is especially the case for bulls, whose hormones are running in overdrive. This excess amount of testosterone in their system can cause them to be extremely aggressive. It is important for a hunter to do a lot of research and know his quarry thoroughly. Studying elk behavior can be immensely helpful on the hunt, and especially for the first-time hunter, hiring a guide to take you on your first few elk hunts can prove an invaluable resource. The experienced guides spend their lives tracking and studying elk, a hunter can do nothing better to increase his chances of bagging a trophy than hiring one.

Bugling is something a hunter will hear about profusely when doing his elk research. For many avid elk hunters, practicing their bugling becomes their hobby in the off-season; there is no such thing as too much practice in this art.

Bugling is meant to mimic the call of a mate, so not using the call properly can have just the opposite effect and steer an elk far clear of the sound. As mentioned, elk are overly sensitive and cautious; if anything sounds amiss, they will not allow curiosity to get the best of them to investigate. Bugling for elk really is an art form; a hunter must bugle enough to be realistic to other elk, yet not too much to make them weary.

A hunter strives to perfect his craft to have the innate sense when enough is enough. Do not be afraid to buy your first call and start practicing. Many come with an instruction booklet or audio instruction to demonstrate the proper sound. This can be a great resource for the hunter unfamiliar with bugling.

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