Hiking Equipment

Hiking Equipment

Hiking Equipment A hike of 5 to 10- hour a day can make anyone know that hiking is full of adventure. Be it either a trek for a few weeks or an excursion for a single day you will come to know that you may expect only unexpected things while on a hike. 

So many different experiences may await you that you may not know what to happen on a particular day. Here comes the significance of hiking equipment, which would be as important as the air you breathe, and this is to equip you well to face the many varied situations during the trail.

Here follows a series of must-have hiking equipment for you to take during your next hike:

Backpack and Rain Cover

You certainly do not forget to get a backpack. There would not be anyone courageous enough to go without a backpack for a hike. This pack may certainly contain everything: all that makes you befit the wilderness of the place you go.

Even though we never forget about getting a backpack, we usually do not think about taking a rain cover along with the various hiking equipment we plan to take along with us.

We may think: “Why get out if it is raining at all?” You may later realize that rainy days make you get adapted to rain and are inevitable while you go for longer hikes. So, you may better get equipped with a raincoat for your day hiking as well.


Is it required to pack food during the journey? You will go out not for more than an hour or two. What is the purpose of it?

It is always well and good to pack some food with you when you plan to go hiking. Although your hiking is supposed to end in 2 hours, any side trail you may interested to go would make you end up wandering in the wild forests for more than 5 hours or so.

It is possible you may get hungry and have not any food available nearby. So, it is better to add some packed food into your list of hiking equipment.


One of the important points to note down while selecting this equipment is that every pound of boot is equivalent to five pounds of weight at your back. This is how the body works; you may find it funny.

The weight on one side should complement that on the other; otherwise, it complains. Your boots should suit the nature of the trail you are supposed to travel on.

While a pair of sneakers is enough for some trails, some others really need heavy hiking boots designed especially for it to travel. The choice is yours.


If at all you would like to get accustomed to rains, these are essential. These are same as rain cover. The purpose of gaiters is to avoid water from running along your legs and entering your boot tops.

You may be aware of the time you might have wasted on waterproofing your boots taking much effort to seal the big opening of your boots through which your legs fit into.


It would be better if you be packed with two pairs of socks. A sock having an outer wool and an inner polypropylene combination is most recommended and advisable to keep your feet warm and to keep away moisture and every hiker must be necessarily equipped with this item along with his list of equipment.

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