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How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Video Games

Deer Hunting Game

If you are a gaming enthusiast and a hunter as well, you will find so many places where you can get a deer hunting game that will satisfy both your love of hunting and your love of gaming. You have many choices when looking for deer hunting games including both software versions as well as online gaming. There are plenty of websites that have hunting games you can play online, or you can go for software versions that can be found in many department stores or at online places like Amazon and E-bay.

What should you look for in a deer hunting game? Well, it all depends on what you want to do and how you want to play. The software versions are more in-depth and offer you more choices than the online versions. You will have your choice of various environments to play in and even more choices in the type of deer you can hunt. A good deer hunting game will have a variety of situations you can get yourself into and will let you move up level by level as you get better and better at the game.

Online versions of a deer hunting game will have fewer options for you to play, but they can be overly exciting. You can choose to play against the computer, or you can play against other players from all over the world. All online gaming sites have communities with message boards where you can talk about your hunting prowess and get tips and tricks from other people. Plus, you can make new friends, which is always a good thing when you love to play video games!

Finding a good deer hunting game is not difficult. What we did was do a search on our favorite search engine – Google – but you can use anyone that you like. Most of what is brought up on the screen will be the online gaming forums, but we also found game reviews for software versions. Here are some of the ones that intrigued us:

Hunting Unlimited 4

Deer Drive Cabela’s

Big Game Hunter 2007

Deer Hunter 5

Many of these software manufacturers will offer a free demo of the deer hunting game online for you to try before you buy which can be great for you if you are not really keen on investing money in a game that turns out to be lame! So, get out there hunting game enthusiast and find a deer hunting game that can keep you entertained for hours!

The Beginning

Even though personal computers have been around for an exceptionally long time, they really became popular in the 1980’s and have evolved into a necessity of life for many people. However, video games really began with the invention of the Atari video game system, which would eventually evolve into more in-depth and more powerful game systems. One of the earliest hunting games developed was Duck Hunt, which was made for the Nintendo game system.

Duck Hunt required the use of a special Nintendo Zapper light gun that plugged directly into the system. Players would then wait for ducks to show up on the screen, which looked like a field. When the ducks came along, they would point and shoot.

They were accompanied by a faithful hunting dog who would laugh if the duck were missed and congratulate on a successful shooting. The game also allowed players to shoot clay pigeons if they chose.

There was really no ending in the Duck Hunt game, however there were playing levels. Depending on how good the player got, he or she would advance up to ninety-nine levels at which point, the game would go to level 00. At that level, no ducks would appear, but you would hear wings flapping. After three times of no ducks appearing, the game would be “over.”

After Duck Hunt, there were many other hunting video games that would begin to emerge on the market including Deer Hunter, Big Game Hunter, and Dangerous Hunts. Most of these games began for video game consoles like Nintendo, but the computer industry would soon become increasingly involved as these games began to rise in popularity.

Today, there are hundreds of hunting video games for enthusiasts to choose from that have evolved into truly challenging games. Some may think that a point and click game where you can “down” a virtual deer might be a bit boring, but those who love these games disagree wholeheartedly.

They provide not only entertainment, but also a way to hone their hunting skills at any time of the day or night. When you spend a certain amount of time honing your tracking skills on the computer, chances are surprisingly good that you will be able to use those skills while hunting for real.

How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Games

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