How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Video Games

Can I Become a Better Hunter?

Can I Become a Better Hunter? Primarily, you will become familiar with diverse types of weapons. Of course, here we should say that if you do not know weapons before you hunt, you should not be hunting in earnest in the first place. However, playing these types of games can familiarize you with hunting weapons, but it cannot replace getting out there and using those weapons.

To a certain extent, you will be able to work on your aim. A video game controller will give you a very lifelike replication of the crosshairs you will see through the scope of a gun or the way a peep sight looks on a bow and arrow. That means you can become familiar with what these tools are like to use and then take them into the field when you are hunting “for real.”

Different weapons can perform in diverse ways. That means that there are some weapons that can do certain types of “damage” as opposed to others. While you will not be able to realize the ability of various weapons really, truly without seeing them perform, again, you can at least get an idea from a video game.

That means you can learn things like how far a shotgun shell can go, what distance you need to be at to inflict damage, the trajectory of an arrow, and much more. A shotgun shell will do much more damage than a single bullet from a pistol. Video games really do mimic the way regular weapons fire and inflict their damage!

If you are interested in real-life hunting for things like turkey and geese, you can use special manufactured tools that will mimic the cry of these animals. Video hunting games also allow you to use these types of “calls” as they are known in the hunting world. By playing video hunting games, you can become more familiar with the sounds of different animals and make you realize what you are hearing when you are out in the forest!

So, there really is no definitive answer to whether video games can improve your performance as a real-life hunter. We believe that it is up to the person what they get out of training – and video game hunting really can be looked at as a training session for real-life hunting outings. The decision is up to you.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

Many hard-core gamers think that using cheat codes is not acceptable. They feel like the game is meant to be played – not circumvented – and if you cannot play the entire game, you should not be playing the game at all.

Others say that using cheat codes makes the game more fun and challenging. Using cheat codes can reveal hidden information, give you access to restricted areas, and more.

Most of the cheat codes are designed to work with video games that are played on consoles like the Play Station and Nintendo systems, but you can also find cheats for PC games as well.

This writer is not enthusiastic one way or another about the use of cheat codes and has been known to find solutions to some of the puzzles in the Nancy Drew games to which she is horribly addicted. However, I use cheat codes as a final effort to move forward in the game when I have tried fruitlessly to solve puzzles and such.

So, if you are one of those people who do not believe in the use of cheat codes, skip this section. If you want to know the cheat codes for some of the more popular hunting games, we are going to give them to you.

There are so many games out there, so please do not be angry if we neglect to give you the cheat codes for your particular game. And please keep in mind that this book is about hunting video games, so that is what we will concentrate on in this section as well.

Cheat codes can be found in many places online. If you cannot find what you want or need on one website, just search on another. They can be found quite easily by doing a Google search for “video game cheat codes.

How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Games

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