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Deer Hunter 4 Cheats

Deer Hunter 4 Cheats Deer Hunter is one of the most popular hunting games on the market today, and like many other games, it has cheat codes that can make the game more challenging thus causing gamers to constantly be on the lookout for Deer Hunter 4 cheats. That does not make the player and “cheater” per se, but what Deer Hunter 4 cheats do is bring new aspects of the game into play and make it more fun to play for gaming enthusiasts.

We are here to help and have found many Deer Hunter 4 cheats that you can use while playing Deer Hunter 4. This is not a comprehensive list as there are many, many cheat codes, but we can give you some of the more popular ones. First, while playing the game, press the F2 key, enter in the code, and then press the F2 key again. So here we go:

To make the animals not afraid of the hunter: dh4nofear

For the bullet view: dh4leadeye

To display debugging information: dh4breakdown

To enable all codes: dh4super

To go into flight mode: dh4skyhook

To get the gun sighted in: dh4sightin

Make it possible that the hunter never gets tired: dh4homegym

To become irresistible to animals: dh4beacon

Bring large deer into the picture: dh4monster

Make lightning in the sky: dh4zeus

For more gore: dh4f13

For no noise: dh4damper

To bring on rainy weather: dh4water

To bring on snowy weather: dh4ice

To make the sky thunder: dh4thor

To travel to the nearest animal: dh4find

To view the deer on a map: dh4showme

To view info on the nearest deer: dh4deerwatch

When using Deer Hunter 4 cheats, we think that you will find that the game becomes a bit easier, so if you are looking to be challenged, you may want to stay away from them. However, a lot of people find that using Deer Hunter 4 cheats makes the game much more interesting to play. Because Deer Hunter 4 allows players to move up levels, using Deer Hunter 4 cheats makes it easier to move up these levels and become a better hunter.

You may want to check out some of the online communities that exist to chat with other Deer Hunter players. They often can offer up some Deer Hunter 4 cheats that are not listed in traditional places such as cheat web sites. You can also discuss the game with them and build up new friendships with people all over the world centering around loving to play Deer Hunter 4 and wanting to get more Deer Hunter 4 cheats.


Because Nintendo was the first gaming company to produce a viable hunting game, they were considered not only the innovators of this genre, but the rulers of it as well. With the original Nintendo system – pedantic by today’s standards – gamers were excited at the prospect of using a laser gun to hunt down their prey via a video game console.

But the whole phenomenon began way before Duck Hunting was released!

The Nintendo Corporation was founded in 1889 in Japan. It was not originally intended to become a video game company. It was first conceived to become a leading producer of playing cards. In fact, its founders thought that they could form an electronics company that would be able to serve many vastly distinct functions that included the hotel business and a taxi company.

Eventually, as technology emerged, the founders of Nintendo realized that the real future of their business was in the electronic toy industry. They began doing research and found that this could be a very profitable venture. Their first video game came out in 1978 and was called “Computer Othello” based on the popular board game.

Nintendo became a video game mega-giant with the release of the game Donkey Kong, and it was all forward from there. The technology that Nintendo would develop would soon come to include handheld games in the form of their Game Boy systems.

The company soon realized that the video game industry was where the money was. Since they had the technology, they embraced it and went full force ahead. They began developing video games in full force and remain one of the oldest intact video game console games on the market even to this day!

The very first Nintendo system – the NES – was released in 1983. The NES was an 8-bit video game console released in North America, Brazil, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Its Japanese equivalent was known as the Famicom or Family Computer.

NES is the most successful gaming console of its time in Asia and North America since Nintendo claims to have sold over sixty million units worldwide. It helped revitalize the video game industry following what is known as the “video game crash of 1983” where it seemed like every single console that came out was plagued by problems and doomed to be unsuccessful.

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