How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Video Games

Wii Hunting Games

Wii Hunting Games the Nintendo Wii has revolutionized the computer gaming industry and while there is not a plethora of Wii hunting games available to play on this amazing new video game console, you will be able to find something to satisfy your outdoor nature while playing inside.

One of the best parts of the Wii is that it provides a certain amount of movement necessary to play the game, so when you play a Wii hunting game, you may find that the experience is much like the real thing only in your own home!

One of the most popular and exciting Wii hunting games that players are all talking about is called “Hooked.” It comes with a miniaturized fishing rod that you replace the Wii hand controllers with. Then you have some real hunting action. Even when you are fishing, you are hunting, so you may be quite surprised at the fun you can have with “Hooked.”

Hooked is the only Wii hunting game on the video game console with online multi-player capabilities. You can challenge the best virtual anglers around the world via the online Wi-Fi play available only with Wii. You can immerse yourself in the fight with realistic fishing and working up a sweat as you lean your Wii remote in every direction all the while reeling in the rod like crazy just to catch the big one. It is as if you have a rod and reel right in your own hands.

There is a wide range of fishing environments to choose from with this Wii hunting game including six photo realistic lakes to a meteorite crater turned lake to a synthetic recreational reservoir. There are three exciting single-player game play modes as well. You can hone your skills in practice or time attack mode. Then you can move on to tournament mode to see if you can become the next world champion! Hooked retails for about $59.99 and often comes with a free controller to gaming enthusiasts.

Another one of the Wii hunting games available for play is called Rapala Trophies which is also a fishing game. The best part about this game is that it offers up the choice to catch a variety of fish including brown trout, lake trout, king mackerel and Nile perch that are usually found only in the world’s hottest fishing spots. Travel from the Kanai River in Alaska to Lake Okeechobee in Florida to Lake Victoria in Africa as you play through sixteen game play levels based on authentic locations around the globe.

Since the Wii is a new video game console, we are sure that there will be plenty more Wii hunting games available for sale in the not-too-distant future. For now, though, be sure to check out the Wii hunting games that are available now – Hooked and Rapala Trophies.

Play Station

The very first Play Station video game console was developed in the early to mid-1990’s by the Sony Corporation to compete with Nintendo – the biggie in the video game industry. Of course, the first concept of the Sony Play Station dated back earlier – to 1986 to be exact.

The Sony Corporation – in the development of their video game systems – was not without its problems. This was about the time that there was extension experimentation both within the music industry as well as the video game industry. Video game developers began to realize that they could store their games on the new CD-ROMs and allow them to include more information thus making games with better graphics.

During development of the Play Station console, Sony’s intent was to allow gamers to use the Nintendo cartridges as well as the new Sony gaming CD-ROMs. There was an agreement that was reached between Sony and Nintendo that would allow this to happen and research and technological development began.

However, after the announcement of this agreement, the owners of Nintendo began to read over the agreement and realized that they were handing over total control of their systems to Nintendo, they quickly rescinded that agreement.

While this was a complete shock to the Sony Corporation, they quickly decided that they had enough to work with to make their own video game console and started work on a stand-alone system that would be marketed under the Play Station name. The unalterable version of the Play Station video game console was launched onto the consumer market in 1995 at a retail price of $299.

Of course, the Play Station would undergo changes and new consoles would be released in later years – each with more capabilities than the previous one. An especially important part of the video game console for Sony was that the newer versions would still be able to play the games of the older versions which was an advantage for gamers as they would not necessarily have to buy new games if they decided to upgrade to the newer systems.

The Play Station 2 was the first updated console closely followed by the Play Station 3. With the Play Station 3, the ability to play the old games was slightly limited as not ALL games were compatible with the new console, but most of them were. That is when, in 2006, Sony decided that this was the end of new Play Station video game consoles, although who knows what will happen in the future!

How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Games

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