How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Video Games

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox It was inevitable that the computer software giant Microsoft would want to have its share of the video gaming market. Their first foray into this area was with the Xbox and was in direct competition with the Play Station 2 from Sony along with the Nintendo Game Cube.

The Xbox was innovative because it was the first console to incorporate a hard disk drive used primarily for storing games compressed in Zip archives with content downloaded from Xbox Live. This eliminated the need for separate memory cards as was required with other systems.

Most of the games also used the hard drive as a disk cache which led to faster game loading times. Some of the games would support custom soundtracks which was another particularly unusual feature allowed by the hard drive. An Xbox owner could rip music from standard audio CDs to the hard drive of the console so players can play their custom soundtrack in addition to the original soundtrack of Xbox games that support this feature.

The Xbox console itself was much larger and heavier than its contemporaries due to a bulky tray-loading DVD-ROM drive along with the standard three ½ inch hard drive. That found the Xbox a target of mild derision from critics who would quip that the Xbox manual should include a warning that “a falling Xbox could cause acute injury to a small child or pet.”

However, there were safety features in the Xbox that no other console system could boast themselves. These included breakaway cables for the controllers to prevent the console from being yanked from the shelf.

Critics also did not like the game controllers. The original design was quite large making it ill-suited to those with small hands and causing severe hand cramping of other users. A smaller controller was introduced eventually as the Xbox Controller S.

Unfortunately, while Microsoft is a giant in the computer software industry, they did not realize as much success in the video game console industry. As of the end of 2006, their total losses in their gaming division totaled over $4 billion.

Computer Games

Of course, there are many hunting games that come in software form you can buy and download to your computer system. They are made by a variety of manufacturers and are usually readily available either in your local discount store or online.

You can also find many hunting videos games that play on video game consoles that have been adapted to be played on your personal computer.

Of course, you do not necessarily have to go out and buy software if you want to play hunting games from your computer. There are also many web sites on the Internet that will allow you to play video hunting games for free directly on the web site! That is right, they are free!

Now, some of these games can get a little “cheesy” if you will as the graphics on some web sites are not as advanced as those you can find in a classic software game, but they are fun. So, what is the catch?

There are a couple, but they are not as bad as you think they might be. First, some of the web sites ask that you become members of their web site community. This is easy and non-committal. All you will need is an e-mail address, and a username and password that you create.

However, once you are a member of the website, you can gain access to a lot of information that these web sites have to offer. They have real-life hunting information, articles, and – best of all – message boards where you can discuss both real-life hunting as well as video hunting with other members of the web site!

Message boards are suitable places to talk about all sorts of things with people who share your same interests. You can brag about your hunting prowess or just chat about the latest advancements in hunting gear. What can be better than finding new friends who like what you like?

How to Play and Enjoy Hunting Games

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