Improvements in Duck Hunting Gear


Duck hunting has come a long way over the last decades. Hunting years ago, used to be an uncomfortable undertaking that only the enthusiastic partook in, but with all the new advancements, duck hunting is more enjoyable than ever. (“Improvements In Duck Hunting Gear – How It Has Evolved …”) Improvements have been made in the way of ammunition, clothing, boats and blinds, motors, and decoys to name just a few.

Many modern hunters will attest to the fact that ammunition has come a long way since the days of old. Years ago, lead shot was used which was toxic to everyone who encountered it. Ammunition today has higher velocity loads and non-toxic shot, which means not only can hunters be safer, but they can also shoot from farther distances.

Clothing is another item that has made great strides since days past. The modern hunter now has lightweight, waterproof, warm, camouflaged clothing to choose from. Being comfortable while out in the field is the number one thing a hunter can do to improve his chances of success; having breathable clothing that a hunter can move in is essential.

Duck boats have made some of the best improvements when it comes to duck hunting. The hunter has many options to choose from and picking the right one will depend solely on his preference and hunting style. Boats are now better able to navigate lakes, cattail sloughs, swamps, rivers, and streams more than some boats of the past ever could.

Boat manufacturers have since recognized the importance of quality duck boats and now any boat manufacturer also produces a hunting boat. Jon boats are often the most popular choice and come in a variety of different lengths, models, and camouflaged colors for the hunter to choose from. There are also many new accessories available, such as a built-in fuel tank, grab rails, gun storage boxes, lights, bilge pumps, center or side console steering, ice chests, and bench seats.

Some boats even have a locked storage box or shelving for decoys, guns, and other supplies. Along with the boat, the motors have also improved; they are now better able to navigate through obstacles such as logs, sand, mud, swamps, and weeds.

Both land and boat blinds have also seen a major transformation. Material is now made extremely lightweight and durable and is made for ease of transportation. These new duck blinds are now easier to assemble and deconstruct and allow the hunter to have utmost comfort while he is out in the field. With all the new improvements catering to the duck hunter, he can now spend more time than ever engaging in his favorite pastime.

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