Indian Tribes of Brazil

Indian Tribes of Brazil

Indian Tribes of Brazil – My book briefly discusses the colonization of Brazil, the Indian tribes of Brazil, the attitudes of the colonizers and the colonized.

The book takes an educational and activism role, educating the reader about the historical injustices suffered by the indigenous peoples of Brazil, the theft of their lands, bodies of water, and mineral rights.

It also dwells on the devastating effects of hydroelectric dams, roads and highways dissecting Indian lands, expansionist ranching, settlers and squatters, state and government agencies that are often not doing enough.

The violations and intrusions of Indian territories, even after legal demarcation, often introduced diseases, decimation of cultures, languages, and religions, and the activists and organizations striving for justice.

The pre-colonization process of what was later to become the nation of Brazil commenced on April 22, 1500. A fleet of 13 ships containing more than 1000 men under the command of Pedro’ Alvares Cabral anchored off the mouth of the Rio Buranhem on the Bahia coast.

The men would stay anchored in what they called ‘Porto Seguro’ for 9 nine days. The name Brazil would later be derived from ‘pau Brazil’ a red dye wood that was a major export in the region.


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