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When Purchasing a Goose Hunting Blind!

Summary: Anyone who goes on a hunting trip would wish to come back with a good haul and pleasant memories. Selecting the right goose hunting blinds will ensure the same. (“Purchasing Goose Hunting Blinds – 10 Points To Keep In Mind”)

Geese are extremely sensitive birds!

The slightest disturbance, an unfamiliar sound, a noticeable change in the surrounding environment’ and they are off before you can say cheese!

It is therefore crucial to conceal yourself and the goose hunting blind so well that they are a natural part of the environment around the body of water or fields where the geese are expected to land. (“Purchasing Goose Hunting Blinds – 10 Points To Keep In Mind”)

Here is some handy advice on the points to be kept in mind when purchasing a goose hunting blind’

  • If it is your first time, spend some time on investigation.

Talk to the right people and consider all aspects before buying one. Do not employ a ‘love at first sight’ attitude or grudge spending a little more; you may have cause to regret later should the hunting trip prove a failure!

  • You do not have a lot of time to set up your equipment.

So go for something that can be set up as well as taken down with ease. A model which can be put up with the help of simple snapping or telescoping aluminum frame pieces is a good one.

This is important as the blind is set up when dusk is approaching or even in total darkness.

(3) A lightweight goose hunting blind is easy to carry and easy to manage but can get damaged easily. The choice is left to you.

(4) The blind should conceal you completely.

At the same time, you should be able to get a shot at the geese without anything blocking your view of them.

(5) The sizes of the blinds vary according to the number of hunters’ single, a pair, or a large group? A too small blind would cause the person to feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially if the wait is going to be a long one. Similarly, hikers would find it difficult to carry large blinds with them. Finally, neither too small nor too large can be entirely safe. So, assess the situation and make a wise choice.

(6) You may wish your hunting dogs to accompany you, if the area you are heading for is open fields. Then, the goose hunting blind must be big enough to accommodate the dogs too.

(7) Long waiting periods can be made more comfortable with the addition of a propane cooking stove to prepare hot coffee or even a small space heater!

Then consider a goose hunting blind which can accommodate additional equipment and prevent fire hazards.

(8) Imagine settling down on damp or wet soil or muddy fields while waiting for the geese to come! The very thought makes you feel ‘chilled’!

Your goose hunting blind should have a solid bottom to prevent seepage of ground moisture. Whenever necessary, you can use it as a towing sled to move your gear to the water body or fields.

(9) The roof of the blind should be easy and quick to open, not difficult and slow. Even the best of camouflaging will serve no purpose then.

(10) There are new models on the market.

Some large-sized goose hunting blinds will enable you or your group to shoot while seated on swiveling stools or chairs. This can prove useful if the hunt is to be extended for a greater period.

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