Make A Christmas Card

Inspired from Bass Fishing

Christmas is considered, by many people, as the season for shopping of presents gifts and cards for near and dear ones. But Christmas shopping often gives a lot of burden and stress on people as they must shop, fighting the crowd and paying the retail prices for all that they buy. (“Christmas Card”)

Today, one can shop the Christmas and presents that include trees, crafts, ornaments, cookies, and cards at lower prices through the internet and save a lot of time. (“Christmas Card”)

Even the bass fishing cards are available online. All of that are aware that everyone in Florida is fascinated by this activity of bass fishing. It is also considered that bass fishing is the top freshwater game. (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)

Services for bass fishing have been developed by many anglers due to its growing popularity. It has now become an obsession for many. Apart from that, few of them also make cards for Christmas, taking inspiration from bass fishing. (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)

This business is done very effectively specially during vacation seasons or other occasions. Christmas cards are made colorful and are ornamented with stickers, games or jokes to cater to the needs of children. (“Christmas Card”)

Also, there are cards that hold gifts or money. Christmas cards for adults are either humorous or traditional. Most of them get it through the internet though. These Bass Fishing Cards can be bought through purchases, online purchases, and catalog orders. (“Christmas Card”)

“Many bass Fishing Cards can be mailed to the address of the concerned person’s choice.” (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)


“1. It takes three to six business days to deliver the Bass Fishing cards” (“Christmas Card”)

  1. Gift cards or catalog(s) are separately shipped.
  2. Free standard shipping is done to zip codes of the U.S.
  3. The amounts from the gift cards go into the U.S funds.

There is also a second choice.

Many of these businesses involving Bass Fishing Christmas cards have paved a path to send presents to your friends, family and loved ones. Your Gift card will be emailed instantly with the payment of just a dollar amount. (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)

“The following points will remind you of how you can receive the card that was ordered for:” (“Christmas Card”)

  1. If the bass fishing cards are ordered during the normal business hours, delivery of most of them takes place within 4 hours. “If not, it may take around four to twenty-four hours to deliver them.” (“Christmas Card”)
  2. These cards are delivered without any hassles. But a spam filter, invalid email id or a full inbox can stop it from reaching the concerned person. (“Christmas Card”) Ensure that the card has been received; it should be checked with the recipient.
  3. These are gift cards that are available for orders from the U.S. and are in U.S funds.
  4. Though access is allowed for current catalogs, they cannot be mailed. “This is the third option; you can make your own Christmas card taking inspiration from bass fishing to make it a memorable one.” (“Christmas Card”)

Anyway, the thought is more important than the amount! A simple self-made Christmas card is special, but how much was it motivated by bass fishing? (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”) Isn’t it peculiar?

But extremely easy though!

This is what is required: A piece of card 17cm x 25cm A piece of crepe or tissue paper a little smaller than the card. (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)

Several colored paper pieces, which are recycled or with an interesting texture

A metallic cord or braid, or a colored ribbon inspire

A scale or ruler


A pair of scissors

Pinking shear

“Also remember to carry snaps of the bass fishes (ensure that it is scanned) The easiest way to do this is:” (“Christmas Card”)

  1. The card should be folded in half carefully.
  2. A small quantity of glue to paste the tissue as a lining inside the card. (“Christmas Card”)
  3. A colored piece of paper is trimmed using pinking shears, such that has dimensions 13cm x 8cm.Paste it on the front part of the card after leaving equal margins on either side.
  4. A simple shape of a Christmas tree, bells, stars etc., is cut from a paper of contrasting & interesting color. “This is glued to the front part of the card.” (“Making Christmas Cards – How To Make A Bass Fishing …”)
  5. Once this is done, the scanned picture is edited. Paint Shop Pro is used for this.

And here it is, just by using your imagination; you can make a beautiful Christmas card for all those bass fishing lovers!

Here Is To Your Success!, Coy

Thank You for Reading All the various posts & pages on Bass Fishing, I hope they have all enlightened you and given you extra tips. May your holiday season be merry!

See Later this Month: “Fishing Mastery” you will love this one!

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