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Motocross Superstar

Motocross Superstar  

A Biker’s Guide to Extreme Motorsports

Motocross SuperstarEssential Tips In Setting Up Your Bike Setting up the bike would require some ready knowledge on the matter. This is to ensure all the correct choices are made based on the relevant information learned.

It would also help the individual to be able to make informed purchases, thus limiting any unnecessary expenses.

The following are some essential tips that should be considered when setting up your bike:

Before every ride the user should make it a habit to check the chain tension and lube it if necessary. The air filter should also be clean and changed as often as required.

Giving the bike a general onceover should also be done habitually before every ride, where the focus should be on tightening any loose bolts, spokes and any other parts that may come loose due to the type of terrain and stress the bike is put through.

It would also be a good idea to clean the bike thoroughly after each outing as this would help to remove any foreign particles that may eventually cause damage to the bike. It would also keep the bike in optimal and functional condition.

Checking the brake pads for wear and tear is also another very important tip when setting up the bike. Due to the terrain the bike is usually used on, the condition of the brakes would be of prime concern as in all times and situations, it could be the only feature that protects the user from serious injury.

Other cables for fraying should also be checked regularly. The chain and sprockets would also need to be checked to wear and tear as they usually have to absorb a lot of abuse due to the nature of motocross riding.

The gearbox oil levels should also be kept at the recommended levels, as well as the engine oil levels.

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