Off We Go Camping

Off We Go Camping

Planning Your First Camping Adventure

Off We Go Camping – It’s no surprise that camping is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world, especially in North America. It’s an opportunity for many to get out and enjoy nature and experience wildlife up close.

Some may consider camping to be almost too popular based on the increasing difficulty in booking spots on campsites, especially in the summer as sites tend to become even more crowded.

But camping has also become a major family pastime and, as some would say, is a really good and considerably cheaper alternative to booking a holiday. A few miles out into the natural wilderness void of cars and buildings can mean a whole different part of the world altogether!

There are a variety of activities which campers can enjoy including fishing, swimming, hiking, hunting and even taking videos or photos of wildlife. But every camping trip has one purpose, which is enjoyment.

Regardless of the season or whether it’s an individual expedition or a fun family outing, safety naturally is the most important thing prior to stepping out into the wilderness.

It is crucial to not only be well-organized but also well-prepared before travelling outdoors. Being prepared makes all the difference between an enjoyable campout and a world of disarray and misery.

The following tips will certainly help you be prepared, be responsible and most importantly…be safe.


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