There is always an appropriate way of getting the best out of any riding session. With the Original Muck Boots Brit Colt Equestrian Boot, environmental concerns should never cross your mind.

This boots are made from flexible and lightweight materials. This makes riding almost effortless. To check on durability, the upper part has its rubber properly reinforced.

Safety first. For enhanced protection, a toe bumper is strategically placed. This feature coupled with the contoured foot bed takes comfort to a new level. With the much-improved Muck Boots Brit Colt, there is a clear feel of warmth contrary to the cold atmospheric conditions.


  • Waterproof and lightweight. Made from low-density materials. This property reduces effort exerted during your riding experience. In addition, waterproof materials are there to ensure wet conditions inside the bots are eliminated.
  • Contoured foot bed. This is a critical area where ones foot is at rest. Comfort at your sole transforms your riding experience.
  • Wrap-up bumper. This is key selling point. With the proper bumper, toe protection is maximum.
  • Upper rubber reinforcement. This additional rubber adds on to the toughness of these boots. With this, you realize the value of your money as these boots last longer.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Comfortable
  4. Warm


After buying brands, an honest housewife who shred on the benefits of this boots with her husband had this to say, “My husband has a pair of Muckboots and swears he will never by a different brand. My boots are warm dry and very comfortable I could hike or do whatever. I like that they have extra protection in the toes just in case one of my horse’s steps on me”.

It remains crystal clear that the Original Muck Boots Brit Colt Equestrian Boot is a great addition for any rider. With enhanced durability, you are assured of a long life before considering any replacement.


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