Soccer Fanatics The Extremist Guide to Winning the Soccer Game

Soccer Fanatics the Extremist Guide to Winning the Soccer Game

Basic knowledge any soccer player should know. Basically, the games are played on a field, which is also called a pitch, with two separate 45-minute time lines. The break in-between these two segments is usually used for regrouping purposes and redefining strategies.

Typically, a field would measure in 100 yards long and about 50 yards wide, although there are some fields that are a little bigger. The goal post area is about 8 yards long and 8 feet high, and the ball must completely cross the line between the posts before it can be declared a goal scored.

In this area, if there are any fouls committed, then attacking team is given a penalty shot with only the goal keeper defending the attempt.

Fouls committed anywhere else on the field are usually just corrected by giving the ball control to the other team, however when more serious fouls are committed, yellow cards are issued, and when there are two yellow cards issued, the red card is then flashed to signify the said player has to leave the field immediately. This is not good for the team as it will now be playing with one less player.

If the game ends in a tied score, then both teams are given the
opportunity to score goals within a set amount of tries on both sides. This will then decide the winning team. This can be a rather exciting finish to the game depending on the capabilities of the scoring capabilities of the players.

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