Squirrels and other Fur-Bearers

Squirrels and other Fur-Bearers

Squirrels and other Fur-Bearers – WALKING through the early October woods one day, I came upon a place where the ground was thickly strewn with very large unopened chestnut burrs. On examination I found that every burr had been cut square off with about an inch of the stem adhering, and not one had been left on the tree.

It was not accident, then, but design. Whose design? A squirrel’s. The fruit was the finest I had ever seen in the woods, and some wise squirrel had marked it for his own. The burrs were ripe and had just begun to divide.

The squirrel that had taken all this pains had evidently reasoned with himself thus : ” Now, these are extremely fine chestnuts, and I want them ; if I wait till the burrs open on the tree, the crows and jays will be sure to carry off a great many of the nuts before they fall; then, after the wind has rattled out what  remain, there are the mice, the chipmunks, the red squirrels, the raccoons…


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