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The Art of Taming and Training Wild Horses

The Art of Taming and Training Wild Horses

The Art of Taming and Training Wild Horses – To Break a Horse to Harness and How to Hitch a Horse in a Sulky.

To Break a Horse to Harness

Take him in a tight stable, as you did to ride him; take the harness and go through the same process that you did with the saddle, until you get him familiar with them, so that you can put them on him and rattle them about without his caring for them.

As soon as he bears this, put on the lines, caress him as you draw them over him, and drive him about in the stable till he will bear them over his hips.

The _lines_ are a great aggravation to some colts, and often frighten them as much as if you were to raise a whip over them.

As soon as he is familiar with the harness and line, take him out and put him by the side of a gentle horse, and go through the same process that you did with the balking horse. Always use a
bridle without blinds when you are breaking a horse to harness.

How to Hitch a Horse in a Sulky

Lead him to and around it; let him look at it, touch it with his nose, and stand by it till he does not care for it; then pull the shafts a little to the left, and stand by your horse in front of the off wheel.

Let someone stand on the right side of the horse, and hold him by the bit, while you stand on the left side, facing the sulky. This will keep him straight.

Run your left hand back and let it rest on his hip, and lay hold of the shafts with your right, bringing them up very gently to the left hand, which still remains stationary.

Do not let anything but your arm touch his back, and as soon as you have the shafts square over him, let the person on the
On the opposite side take hold of one of them and lower them very gently on the shaft bearers.

Be very slow and deliberate about hitching; the longer time you take, the better, as a general thing. When you have the shafts placed, shake them slightly, so that he will feel them against each side.

As soon as he will bear them without scaring, fasten your braces, etc., and start him along very slowly. Let one man lead the horse to keep him gentle, while the other gradually works back with the lines till he can get behind and drive him.

After you have driven him in this way a short distance, you can get into the sulky, and all will go right. It is very important to have your horse go gently, when you first hitch him.

After you have walked him awhile, there is not half so much danger of his scaring. Men do very wrong to jump up behind a horse to drive him as soon as they have him hitched. There are too many things for him to comprehend all at once.

The shafts, the lines, the harness, and the rattling of the sulky, all tend to scare him, and he must be made familiar with them by degrees. If your horse is very wild, I would advise you to put up one foot the first time you drive him.

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