The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing Knots

The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing Knots

Leader Knots – Mono to Mono and Mono to Fly Line

Leader Knots – Mono to Mono

Blood Knot

The blood knot is a knot used for attaching two pieces of monofilament together, primarily for rebuilding tapered leaders. This is an extremely strong knot when formed properly and should be tied with monofilament close in diameter. The best use is for monofilament 10 lbs. and up. See illustration below instructions.

Step 1. Lay both sections of monofilament across one another. Wrap one section 5-6 times around the other bringing the end back down through the loop formed by both.

Step 2. Wrap the other line 5-6 times around the remaining portion of the first line and pass its free end up through the formed loop.

Step 3. Moisten the knot with your mouth, and while holding the long ends pull the knot tight. Clip the short ends close and the knot is complete.


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