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Training Your Bird Dog

While there are several ways for a hunter to find a hunting dog, the best way is to go through a qualified breeder. This way the hunter will know what he is getting, and if getting an adult dog, it will often already be trained for bird hunting. If this is not the case though, the hunter still has some options for getting his bird dog trained and ready to hunt. (“Ways To Train Your Bird Hunting Dog – EzineArticles”)

“Finding a quality bird dog can be a tricky thing.” (“On A Bird Hunt: Bird Hunting Dog Training Tips”) When answering an advertisement that has bird dogs for sale, a hunter just does not know what he is getting. Regardless of the way he gets the dog though, a crucial factor when selecting is getting a look at the dog in action or seeing it’s parents hunt.

Because training a bird dog can be a challenging task, many hunters choose to hire a professional. While this may be a more expensive option, the hunter can trust the quality of training the dog will receive. There are two types of training a hunter can choose from.

The more expensive route is to have the professional train the dog in hunting techniques. While it is more expensive, it will also allow the hunter to get right into the field with the dog. The other option is to have the professional simply train the dog on obedience; having a dog that listens while hunting is the number one necessity in the field. Having a dog trained for obedience is also a less expensive option.

For the hunter on a budget, the last choice is for him to train the dog himself. This will take a lot of time and a lot of patience, but it certainly can be done. (“How to safely introduce cats to my territorial house cat …”) “There is one solid benefit to this method too; the dog will listen to your commands.” (“Ways To Train Your Bird Hunting Dog – EzineArticles”)

Sometimes dogs will only respond to their trainer, so if their trainer is not the hunter, it can be a problem. “There are also many videos available that guide the hunter in training his bird dog.” (“Ways To Train Your Bird Hunting Dog – EzineArticles”) The internet and books can also be a great resource when training.

“Whichever method the hunter chooses to train his dog, there is sure to be one that is right for him.” (“Dog Backpack Reviews: Ways To Train Your Bird Hunting Dog”) Be sure if hiring a trainer to do your research and check their references. With a little time, the hunter will have a fun time in the field with his new four-legged hunting companion.

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