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Understanding and Enjoying Golf Explanation of Popular Golf Terms

Understanding and Enjoying Golf Explanation of Popular Golf Terms

Understanding and Enjoying Golf Explanation of Popular Golf Terms Quite many terms in relation to golf are commonly used in most of the golf games played, however, most often it is impossible for a newcomer in golf to understand the same. The terminology needs to be deciphered to be comprehended.

Few of the common terms are given in this article to ascertain that one knows what is being said when anyone is on the course. The following list, though not complete, would still assist you to make a good start.

Back Nine

The last set of nine holes which is on the green is referred to as Back nine. It is determined by the order that course plays in. For instance, if the game is played on Hole 1, then holes 10-18 is referred to as Back Nine. If one starts playing upon the 10th hole, holes 1-9 would be referred to as Back Nine.


When any score for the specific hole is coming in a single stroke below par concerning hole which is played upon. This says if any hole being played is par-3 then the score should be two. If the hole is a par-5 it should be score of-4.

Golf: Bogey

Score coming in single point over par is referred to as Bogey. For instance, if one is playing par-3 hole, then score of 4 will be a bogey. Furthermore, anything that was par -5 will need a score of 6 for being a bogey. These are examples and are not restricted to certain pars only.


Bunker is more like a depression created in the ground, filled with sand. A bunker implies a greenside hazard which needs to be kept away from. Besides typically showing up in the greenside, a bunker could also show up on fairways or adjacent to fairways.


Green is the very end of the hole where the flagstick is located. Typically, this is where you would put out the rest of the hole. Shapes however would vary. Most of them are often oval or oblong.


Handicap indicates the overall ability of playing the player has. This is most often concluded by checking the previous scored which has been played along with the rating of the course and slop ratings accompanying the course.

In general, someone having a typical average of ten over par would have quite a better handicap. When handicaps are considered, someone having two is always better compared to someone with three or an increasing number of handicaps.


A hole is exactly the area where the flagstick resides, marking the precise location of hole upon the green. Furthermore, it is most often referred to as the precise hole in the course. For instance, the golf course has eighteen holes.

Over Par

The term Over Par describes any score coming over Par for the individual hole or golf course. For example, a score that was five on Hole that was Par-4. Such would result in Over Par. While, however, this could refer to simply a specific hole, at times, it could also make a reference to the overall course as a hole.


Par is the expected and precise number of strokes which it takes to sink the ball. For determining the Par, one must take a minimum of two for putts. Strokes could then be added based upon the overall length of the green. Longer greens would need higher values. For example, an excessively long green will allow a par of five while a shorter one would allow not more than Par 3.

The Par numbers are usually added for both the individual hole and the entire course too. Such an arrangement would permit the players to see just what they are checking at, based upon the distance, before the game is started.

Free Golf Instructions Online- Know Where and How

People end up paying exorbitantly high fees after they sign at local Golf classes. They feel they are hardly getting the benefit out of it, as people everywhere are quite ahead of them. Hiring some private coach or instructor is never a clever idea when you consider the money factor.

Well, hopping online for some free golf instruction is an all-time clever idea. Never be reluctant to have your search done online as going online would ensure that you are not returned empty handed about the sport of Golf.

You need to assure yourself that there are many sources for free golf instructions online. Any kind of information could be dug over the internet at absolutely no price tag in today’s era.

Checking your level of expertise, you can hunt for information from sites that speak on basic knowledge offering tips and tricks along with various swings, stance, and grip. As you master the fundamentals, you can then move towards other sections of the sport. For instance, one may want to know more about advanced golf knowledge such as improving direction and gaining distance.

Some of these things are learnt well by reading diagrams or watching videos. This information can be easily found online, posted on websites dedicated to the game of golf. If you find it not amazingly easy to surf for golf information over such sites, you can visit Golf forums where expert and novice Golf players exchange tips and ideas about techniques on playing the game.

One would know several positions, swings, and hazards about golf. At times you may come across videos or diagrams which are posted for having the game known precisely. Much of this and other information on golf is available free and without the requirement of joining the forum.

Several individuals can read manuals the entire day without catching upon anything as they are visual learners. These people can opt to download videos of real plays so that they can imitate the body movements and positions when placing their swings. This would also open minds in a positive manner, making people absorb the available information. They could also pose themselves in a similar fashion, the next time they venture into making trips to the greens.

It is apparent that every bit of available information on golf is equally beneficial to a beginner. It would not make sense paying fortune to instructors and classes when there is no dearth of information available over the internet. The fortune saved on paying instructors or classes could be spent on playing the sport.

Understanding and Enjoying Golf

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