Understanding and Enjoying Golf Novelty Accessories

Understanding and Enjoying Golf Novelty Accessories Available to Golfers

Understanding and Enjoying Golf Novelty Accessories Available to Golfers players constantly keep finding new accessories related to golf; golf is such a sport. A golfer would spend insane amounts merely on the golf clubs, purchasing high-end graphite ones. If one plans to go for expensive graphite clubs, then a lot of interesting novelty accessories related to golf could be overlooked.

There are tons of innovative fancy golf accessories that some crazy golfer could go about as sometimes mostly manifested in golf carts in the golf course. You need to know about them before simply spending fortunes on a particular area of the game such as buying clubs. If you go about researching, there are hilarious golf accessories around you, which are of course a little useless at times, however quite funny in the crazy world.


At times there are instances of hitting a hole in one. Such events do not leave the golfer’s mind all at once. Hole-N-One plaque is commonly sold online and in a few golf shops. It is brought to you by a plaque and kit so that the ball can be fastened to it. Here the intention is to display the golf ball that was hit in a single shot so that people could know about the shot. Such are proud manifestations of golfers. Instead of making further use of the ball, it is often immortalized on the wall. Quite many people say this comes as unneeded and useless; however, if one thinks the ball needs to be saved for displays and memories, then there, at least, is some accessory available for the same.


Some internet sites offer a clever Tee-card. A Tee-card is quite a small product, sized like that of a regular business card. It pops up forming a golf tree which could be used any number of times, as required. This golf accessory could come handy in unusual events such as that of losing golf bags and being left merely with your wallet, conveniently holding your Tee-card. Whether this product works on grass is not noticeably clear. Furthermore, it is not easy to imagine a product as such working on grass. It is not easy either to decipher who is the intended audience for such accessories; however, it indeed is one novel idea for golf accessories.

‘WOW’ Putter

Wow Putter is again a novelty accessory connected to golf. It is equipped with quite a few gadgets and would make James Bond become envy about the same. The gadgets of a Wow putter are supposed to assist the golfer for a better putt. One would be skeptic imagining how all the gadgets could be of use. The head of the putter comprises of a compass, a tape measure, a rabbit foot, a level, and a horn. No wonder the putter is quite usable due to its varied attachments. “If one thinks he could factually use a compass or a tape measure or a level during the putting, then it could be a perfect putter eluding for long.” (“more golf: Golf Novelty Accessories- How Many Do You Know?”)

Personalized Golf accessories

When you are towards your purchase for extravagant golf accessories, which are undoubtedly unnecessary, you can indeed personalize them. One of the companies offers a putter with 24k gold plating personalizing the message chosen by the buyer. This is an apparent way to boast about the finest putter you have to all your peer golfers. Of course, the price could go quite high for such gold-plated putter versions; however, if the Golfer wants this to happen, it would no doubt come with a fatter price tag. You would have to make up your mind about its choice.

Now that you know about the countless and, at times pointless, accessories available linking to the sport of golf, you can boast about your achievements in the form of golf gadgets when you step onto the golf arena. Whatsoever the case may be, you would no doubt have faces turning twice at you and your accessories.

Understanding and Enjoying Golf

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