Wolf and Coyote Trapping: An Up-to-Date Wolf Hunter’s Guide

Wolf and Coyote Trapping: An Up-to-Date Wolf Hunter’s Guide

by A. R. Harding

An Up-to-Date Wolf Hunter’s Guide, Giving the Most Successful Methods of Experienced “Wolfers” for Hunting and Trapping These Animals, Also Gives Their Habits in Detail.

There are certain wild animals which when hard pressed by severe cold and hunger, will raid the farmers and ranchmen’s yards, killing fowls and stock. There however, are no animals that destroy so much stock as wolves and coyotes as they largely live upon the property of farmers, settlers and ranchmen to which they add game as they can get it.

While these animals are trapped, shot, poisoned, hunted with dogs, etc., their numbers, in some states, seem to be on the increase rather than the decrease in face of the fact that heavy bounties are offered.

The fact that wolf and coyote scalps command a bounty, in many states, and in addition their pelts are valuable, makes the hunting and trapping of these animals of no little importance.


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