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While it may be tempting for the hunter to run out a buy everything he needs when he decides he is going to start bow hunting, this can be a costly mistake. The best option is usually to rent equipment. Many new bow hunters make the mistake of buying ill-fitting equipment, or just do not stick with the sport after a few hunts. The best option for the new bow hunter is renting so he can try out both the equipment, and his newfound sport. (“Bow Hunting Equipment – Buying vs Renting”)

Renting equipment is the best option for the hunter because it allows him to get the experience he needs with a low investment. Just because a hunter shows interest in a sport, does not mean it will become his new hobby for every spare weekend; there is much more to bow hunting than meets the eye. Bow hunting has long been considered a great challenge, which is why gun hunting has become much more popular over the years. It often takes years to master the shot that produces a clean kill every time. Bow hunting also requires the hunter to get much closer to his target, which is both an adrenaline rush, and a safety hazard. “For the dedicated hunter, it is these challenges that keep him bow hunting through the years.” (“Bow Hunting Equipment – Buying vs Renting”)

Many Pro Archery shops have an expert on hand to assist you in all your hunting needs. These professionals are often trained to best assist their customer, you. The best time to visit the local archery store is at a time of the day that is not busy, mid-afternoon on weekdays and early morning or late evening on weekends. (“Bow Hunting Equipment – Buying vs Renting”) For a new hunter, one on one attention is what he needs. There are many questions to be asked and a professional that is rushed with other customers will leave you feeling cheated.

“A new bow hunter needs time to feel different bows and insure he finds the right fit for his frame.” (“Bow Hunting Equipment – Buying Vs Renting | Bowhunting …”) The professional will be able to gauge the right pull weight for the individual hunter, and in this case, stiffer is not always better. The wrong fit can cause a hunter to not use the bow or mangle his shot. “For these reasons renting bow hunting equipment is often a much better choice for the novice hunter.” (“Bow Hunting Equipment – Buying Vs Renting | Bowhunting …”) It will allow him the freedom to use top quality equipment, without sacrificing much money if he realizes that bow hunting is not the sport for him.

A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List

While most hunters use guns now, there was a time before the gun was around where all hunting was done with a bow and arrow. Hunting with a bow and arrow gives the hunter much more of a challenge, and much more skill is involved for a successful hunt. Hunting with a bow is also more retro; harkening back to the beginnings of man when hunting was necessary for survival. To start out bow hunting though, a few supplies are required, and doing some research can help a hunter determine what’s right for him. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”)

“The biggest investment a hunter will make is on his bow and arrows.” (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”) A bow should not be an item to go cheap on. “Price is in direct proportion to quality in this instance.” (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”) A cheap bow will result in poor kills, or no kills at all. Browse your local archery store and talk to the expert about what type of hunting you want to do and the best bow for the job, but do not buy just yet. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”) Find a few favorites in the store, then go home and do your research. Doing the necessary research will result in an investment you will be using years down the line. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”)

Arrows are another item you should have in great supply. Always have extra on hand; wounding an animal and not having enough arrows to finish the job can get very ugly, extremely fast. Another supply to always have extra of is bow wire. It is common for the wire to break when pulling it back, not having extra on hand will make for a very disappointing trip. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”)

Another item that is often overlooked by the newcomer is a leather glove. Pulling back on the bow can be much tougher on the hands than most people realize, having the glove to protect it will make all the difference between a good hunt and a bad one. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”) Many hunters develop blisters and chafing because they did not realize they needed gloves.

“The glove will also help to improve your grip on the bow, which in turn improves your shot.” (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”) Bow hunting is an adventure harkening back to ancient peoples. There is no better way for a hunter to feel in direct connection with nature than pulling the wire taut, aiming, and then releasing the arrow at the target. Be sure to wear gloves on every trip and spend the time and money on a good bow and arrows to increase the chances of a worthwhile hunt. (“A Bow Hunter’s Shopping List – Useful Things That Make The …”)

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