Camp Fires in the Yukon

Camp Fires in the Yukon


In grateful remembrance
of the beloved comrade of many trails,
who in my early youth took me by the hand
and led me along the untrodden ways of the wilderness,
this volume is dedicated.

Camp Fires in the Yukon – The intendment of this volume is not to present a work on wilderness travel nor is it offered as a treatise on woodcraft, though it necessarily contains somewhat of both.

Its sole purpose is to accurrately record the writer’s experiences and observations as a hunter of big game in The Yukon just as they happened day by day and set down in my diary at the time the events narrated transpired.

When the writer has assumed to go beyond the range of his own experiences and relate those of his hunting companions, the diary records those experiences just as related to him by his companions about the camp fire at the end of the day’s chase.

For the benefit of those who may desire to follow the writer’s trail into this remarkable hunting field, it seemed wise to incorporate an account of the route taken by this expedition together with a brief description of points of interest along the way.

The modes of travel with their difficulties, the items of equipment, expeditionary and personal, the character of the commissary, and the methods of hunting are set forth as indispensable to a true account of the summer’s work and a possible help to any who may travel the same trail.


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